Monday, January 18, 2016

Too Good To Be True? 1978 Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 was released into the wild for the 1978 model year using a futuristic shape penned by Wolfgang Möbius and it continued to be assembled with minor updates all the way through 1995.  Of course the later cars are faster and arguable better, but if you pay attention to the 911 market then you should know that older cars should be worth more...but it isn't really the case with the 928.  Find this 1978 Porsche 928 offered for $6,999 in San Francisco, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck. 

This Porsche 928 is offered for a decent price and while it has a respray (original color was a lighter blue), it has only 16,002 miles on the odometer.  The seller claims to have smog/service records that verify this mileage, but with CA license plates that date from 1988 and notiously brittle odometer gears, a buyer should do his homework on this one.

Under the hood is 4.5 liter SOHC 16-valve V8 that produced 219 horsepower with the aid of Bosch K-jet mechanical fuel injection.  It was Porsches first water cooled V8 engine designed for a street car, and a conservative mill that received considerable power upgrades with time.

The seller admits that the interior needs a complete overhaul, and is probably the reason he (she?) priced it so low. 

See a better way to get into a Porsche for cheap?


  1. I would hardly call the updates minor. There is a huge difference in performance between 1978 and 1995...and a huge difference in value

  2. How true about the premium price placed on early (i.e. 1964 build date) 911's. That said, you'd want to find out what the serial number is for this 1978 928, since that will be determinant of its ultimate value, should 928s ever get out of the hen house(assuming that's even an expression?) value-wise.

  3. DT Deities: Here is another potential car of the week category:

    "Car where the asking price is about equal to an average mechanical repair"

  4. The reason I believe this is a good buy because it has a 5-speed manual rather than an autamatic which makes it lethargic. Yes, it is very expensive to repair, some parts are becoming scarce and the shape? well it reminds me of a Pacer, but you don't see it while driving. I recently found a 1980 GTS with manual for $1 on the Buffalo CL but never followed up. I don't think the GTS was produced until 1990.

  5. I agree with Tom on this one. The price of admission to nearly any 928 will be seemingly cheap. Problem is, they are expensive to maintain and the car has likely seen several prior owners who bought it cheap, maintained it poorly, and then sold it.
    I had 928 for a couple of years, so believe me when I tell you the purchase price does not reflect the cost of ownership.

  6. Bought my 87 for $12000. Have already bought $10,000 in parts and I do my own work. That purchase price is merely a downpayment...but that 87 S4 of mine is sweeeeeet!

  7. Always thought the 928 was a neat car when i was still working i would see Ann & Nancy Wilson of the Group Heart driving there Red 928 almost everyday they may have been doing studio time in town then drove the 520 Bridge to go home. Pretty Car and Pretty Girls WIN.

  8. Odometer is off level indication of a rollover.. jeez...


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