Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Future Is Low: 2015 "Honda" Custom Reverse Trike

The threat of the mass market 3-wheeled car has been floating around the automotive industry since the beginning of the automobile era.  It doesn't matter that removing one wheel doesn't really save you much money, or that they topple over like roller skating college kids on spring break -- because some lunatic entrepreneur will try and build/sell a million of them.  It also doesn't matter that successful auto start-ups have done well by starting at the top of the market where consumers are more willing to be tolerant of dealer visits, like Tesla or the newcomer Faraday Future -- because someday...we will all drive trikes.  Like this 2015 "Honda" Custom Reverse Trike found here on eBay bidding for $15,099 with 3 days to go, located in Greensboro, NC.

Before you jump whole hog onto the trike-bandwagon with this beauty, there are a few fine points from the eBay listing that need some focus (ALLCAPs are seller's, not mine): ALL CUSTOM - *NOT A KIT*  MUST HAVE SOME TYPE OF ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE TO COMPLETE YOURSELF!   RIDDEN LESS THAN A MILE DUE TO IT BEING SO LOW TO THE GROUND* AS WITH ALL CONCEPT VEHICLES THERE WILL BE QUIRKS TO WORK OUT AS MORE DRIVING TIME OCCURS. 

It appears that someone has built a custom steel/carbon fiber chassis with the rear section from a 2007 Honda CBR 1000RR.  That means you get a 1.0 liter inline-4 good for 172 horsepower at 11,500 rpm mated to a cassette type close-ratio 6-speed gearbox without a reverse gear.  

See another car that requires a motorcycle license to drive?


  1. including a picture of yourself pushing the car is probably not the best way to get top dollar on ebay.

  2. The weight distribution on this is, what, 87/13?

    Maybe you could increase performance by putting a 3rd seat on top of the back wheel...or a sack o' cement...

  3. I wonder if you could achieve much the same result by rear-ending a Honda Del Sol with your CBR. Plus, you would have AWD (all three if them).

  4. OK, now I will turn off my snark-ometer. The guy put a lot of work into this beast, and from the photos, it looks pretty well executed. I would sooner drive this than a BRP Can Am Spyder. The fact that it is for sale so soon after completion makes me worry a wee bit.

    Also, I am not sure what hoops one would have to jump through to get this vehicle licensed. Would you try to use the CBR bike title as a starting point? Back in the 1970s someone I know registered a Lotus Super 7 kit as the Ford Cortina that the engine came out of, but that is less of a stretch (and I doubt even that would work today). Anyone have experience?

  5. In one of his outdoor (post-drive?) photos, it sure looks like the chain is parting company with the rear sprocket (imbedding the photo would blow up DT - I learned my lesson!)


    That would explain the pushing photo too.

  6. Extra points for the sweet parking brake and being parked outside a pawn shop.

  7. Extra points for the sweet parking brake and being parked outside a pawn shop.

    1. Pretty sure the guy listing the item owns the pawn shop. Look at his username and the items he is listing.

  8. Why did he pull it straight in?

  9. This is an awesome looking ride,


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