Friday, January 22, 2016

SnowMotion: 1970 Rupp Magnum 440 WT

I have to admit that I'm not much of a snowmobiler (not a lot of snow in Southern California), but from what I understand the modern crop of high powered 4-stroke snowmobiles are completely insane.  For less than $10k new you can pickup an Arctic Cat M1100 turbo that produces 177 horsepower and will catapult you into the nearest tree/rock/Sasquatch faster than you can say BOND, JAMES BOND.  However, there was a more civilized time when Snowmobiles were slower, but probably even less safe.  Find this 1970 Rupp 440 WT offered here on eBay for $500 buy-it-now or make-offer.

According to the Magnum was one of Rupps early snowmobiles with production starting in 1970, and the 440 version was available in standard and wide (as seen here) track.  The 440 cc 2-stroke is good for something around 40 horsepower.

See a better way to get around in the snow?


  1. I've driven an old beast like that.

    Don't really want another one, but I'd like to buy the name "Rupp" for my new fantasy car company. Best moniker ever. Everything sounds better with Rupp in front of it. Rupp Vette. Rupp Viper. Rupp SLK500. Rupp Veyron. See?

  2. I am not sure I would agree that older snowmobiles were less safe. The speeds that guys (always guys) are doing when they hit things these days are really scary. I would have to dig into the fatality stats, but I suspect they are higher now than "back in the day".

    Also, the slower machines gave guys (always guys) a moment to assess the ice conditions on that lake that they decide to cross, only to discover that snowmobiles don't float worth a darn.

    Despite having always lived in the Great White North, I just could not learn to love snowmobiles. At low speeds, they are totally intractable. The new ones are engineered for speeds that just don't make sense. And if I want to go out and commune with nature, I would like some chance of seeing wildlife. Coming in on a noisy snowmobile pretty much guarantees that is not going to happen.

    But to each his own.

  3. When I saw the headline I immediately thought this was a snowmobile with a Dodge 440 in it.

    I am somewhat disappointed, yet oddly relieved. So many engine swapped vehicles on here lately I just assume a previous owner was completely insane.

  4. It's only been out of service for 24 years, so buy it, hop on and head into the back country without a worry.


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