Saturday, January 16, 2016

Snova-mobile: 1970 Chevrolet Nova Custom

When does a custom car stop being simply a car and become a legend?  I dunno, but I can tell you that you are getting close when you add the length of a Suburban and 6 wheels powering treads to the back of your Chevy Nova.  Find this 1970 Chevrolet Nova Custom Snowmobile offered for $2,500 in Round Mountain, NV.

Getting a car on top of a shipping container is no simple feat...but this is no ordinary car.  This is a vehicle with a purpose, built by a visionary.  Sure, it needs some work to be complete -- rear side windows need to be fabricated, it has no engine/transmission  -- but all the hard work has been done.

It is hard to tell what's going on out back, but it looks like a tri-axle setup with truck tires just running on the inside of a track. You get to decide how to get power to those treads, but given the size of this thing you might consider something from a tank or a large boat...who am I kidding...just get an old carburetor fed Chevy 350 and go to town.

See another car ready for the 4th Mad Max sequel?


  1. Umm.

    Hmm. You BIR guys have mad skillz, yo. But for the very life of me I can't even begin to conceive how this thing would have any utility whatsoever. Or how to get it operational given its current setup, for anything approaching reasonable amounts of time, effort and money.

    Clearly, I lack vision.

  2. Been trying to figure out the best use for this...

    Perhaps the first limo service in Antarctica?

    Most probably best use is on top of a shipping container at a local car junkyard. Guaranteed to pull in guys who want to cannibalize wrecks for similar projects...

  3. Wow, just wow! It would appear that this thing did have a drive train at one point, apparently located back amongst the various axles.


    More photos and back story here:

  4. I'm sorry but how exactly do those tracks stay located? I'll have to check Bob's links when I'm off iDevice.

  5. "You couldn't build it for twice the price"

  6. "You couldn't dispose of it for half the price."

  7. Custom built for the snow? I think he meant he built it after falling face first into a pile of it like in Scarface.

    I can't imagine with a motor in place in front and those heavy skids that it would ever go anywhere, even if the tracks worked.

  8. Easily this week's "By The Pound" winner!

    I view it through the "if it worked it would have been used" lens. It hasn't so it probably doesn't.

  9. It had the engine in the rear. It was a 400 chevy small block. It ran great until I needed the motor for a different project I was working on.


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