Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Powerballin': 1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

With the Powerball Jackpot growing past $1.4 billion dollars this week, the opportunities for trolling your friends are abundant.  Don't bother with the old trick of buying the winning numbers the day after the results are revealed, and instead get yourself a luxury car from the '80s and show up at work on Monday like you are some kind of Sultan.  Find this 1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur here on eBay offered for $17,988 buy-it-now, located in Hollywood, FL.

If you want people to think you are rich, buy a fancy luxury car. If you want people to think you are EXTREMELY rich, buy a used luxury car with questionable reliability. The Rolls-Royce fits the category of cars that you can afford even when you are bankrupt, which is ironic because you probably will be within a few major services.

Power under the hood comes from a 6.75 liter Rolls-Royce L410 V8 mated to a GM supplied automatic gearbox.  Rolls-Royce was never very keen on publishing power ratings for their luxury sedans -- the assumption being that it was enough for your chauffeur to get you to the ballet on time. Take a gander if you will at that K-Jetronic fuel distributor / Borg octopus perched on top of the V8.

The interior is a combination of powder blue and wood trim that might make you queasy, but at least it looks in good condition. This thing is in Florida for a reason.

See a better car for the wannabe billionaire? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. I'm sure there's some country for which that white-and-teal color scheme would be representative.

    Doesn't do it for me.

    1. I will admit that interior looks exactly like the Dodge Aspen wagon that we had in my high school drivers-ed class. Probably smells better, though.

    2. Uh, wait...Rollers were still pushing K-Jet out the door in 1989? That's ridiculous.

  2. How gauche. Hankook tires. On a Rolls Royce. Next they'll show a jar of French's mustard!

  3. 'Borg octopus' You guys slay me!

  4. My gosh, that interior shot reminds me so much of my late Dad's 1980 Fairmont. Even the steering wheel!


    I do kind of like the under-hood shot, though. The valve covers and air box could keep me fixated for lengthy periods (while I tried to figure out why the damned thing won't start).

  5. The infamous period of engine bays where various additions were just placed where ever there seemed to be room. What a mess.

    My first thought was, "man, where is my dad's old light blue leisure suit?" But these cars are just so somber and plain ol' bad in every way, any thought of levity just evaporates from my soul.

    Just one point to reconsider oh' DT Mavens; the reliability of these cars is not at questionable - it is agreed far and wide that it is abysmal and even an insignificant repair is more expensive than the car.

    Find one without a baby blue interior and go the Top Gear route and have a cool seating area.


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