Saturday, January 30, 2016

LS1 V8 Power: 1993 Porsche 968

The Porsche 968 was the final chapter of the long line of front engine Porsche sports car that started in 1976 with the 924. The 968 didn't have a grunty V8 like the 928 or boosted potential like the 944 Turbo, but it has one of the better shapes from the front-engine Porsche era and the pop-up headlights are just icing on the cake.  Find this 1993 Porsche 968 with LS1 V8 offered for a trade for a Shelby Cobra, Triple weber 240Z, Pantera, or best offer, located in Miami, FL via craigslist.

This wasn't just a weekend swap project  for the builder, because the 968 has a fully customized suspension (with KW coilovers, camber plates, racing bushings), 993 turbo brakes, some custom interior pieces, and a recent (?) respray in Guards Red.

The 5.7 liter LS1 V8 under the hood  has an aftermarket camshaft, an LS2 intake, big throttle body, headers, and a racing exhaust -- it should make well more than the original 350 horsepower.  It is mated to the original Porsche 6-speed manual transaxle located out back and equipped with a Torsen limited slip diff.

See another watercooled Porsche for sale?


  1. Hopefully the original engine died with a rod through the block or it would be a real shame.

  2. Replies
    1. Au contraire.

      The ask is a bit silly here, barring this being THE conversion for the ages. I'm assuming the seller isn't suggesting a genuine Cobra in trade... LS does look well-placed in there.

    2. Um....

  3. What is the weight difference between the correct engine and this lump? Just want to keep an open mind before getting all PO'd about another pillaged Porsche. These cars have pretty exquisite handling balance as originally designed by rather handy Porsche engineers.

    But perhaps the fella who done the install put some bags of sand in the trunk fer' balance.

    1. From what I found, the original Porsche engine weights 385 lbs, and the common figure for an LS1 is around 450-470 lbs.

  4. Seems like the guy spent a lot of money on it: professional installation, lots of replacement and upgraded performance parts, low km LS motor. But, engine swaps rarely recoup the total investment when they are put up for sale. I think it is a great car and would be a blast to drive but his ask is way too high...Who will want it bad enough to spend $40k ish on it? Porscheophiles will look at it like its the Antichrist and LS1 fans will think I could do that myself bro for way less money.

  5. And of course it has a Volvo coolant overflow bottle!


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