Tuesday, January 19, 2016

IROC 'n' Roll: 1976 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe XJ-C

The XJ Coupe (or XJ-C) was a handsome two door version of Jaguar's Series II XJ saloon (sedan) built from 1975 through 1978.  Over the four years of production, they only sold 9,378 of the coupe version, probably because Jaguar released the modern looking XJ-S in 1976, but the XJ-C was arguably prettier at the last car to feature direct design input from Sir William Lyons himself.  Today's XJ-C might have an American surprise under the hood, but looks like it was done correctly.  Find this 1976 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe XJ-C here on eBay bidding for $8,400 reserve-not-met with $15,500 buy-it-now and 2 days to go, located in Krum, TX.

When you see a car listed in a place in Texas called "Krum", you'd expect a sawzall'd hole in the hood or perhaps some nekkid lady mudflaps, and certainly an oversized Holley feeding a highrise intake, but you'll find none of those things in this IROC-XJ-Z.

Under the hood is a tuned port injected Chevrolet small block V8 from a 1980s IROC-Z Camaro -- the seller doesn't specify which one, but from the center bolts in the valve cover I am going to guess it is a L98 350 that would have been rated at something from 225 to 245 horsepower from the factory between 1987 and 1992. 

The interior is a very civilized place to spend your motoring hours, and features a set of leather covered seats and a bunch of other leatherized parts including the door panels, kick panels, and console.

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  1. For every 10 (sawzall'd engine swaps with wires lying on the floormat and a tach held in place with a lag screw through the dash pad) for sale you see one this nice. However,for $15,500 USD I would want to see an injected LS1 under the hood.

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  3. True, this does look nicely done. I always wonder about so many Jags with 'murican engine swaps. From my experience with Jag sedans, the original XK engine was a fairly robust beast, and certainly a pleasure to drive and listen to. I suppose a lot of them failed because they required more attention than a SBC, and didn't get it. I certainly can understand such a swap when faced with a "blowed-up" XK in a car as pretty as this Coupe.

    1. I always fall back on this when it comes to discussing the Jag XK six.

      The big six was an impressive design for its time, but in terms of how they were built, toward the end British Leyland would ship anything, and that wasn't just true of Jag.

  4. Agreed that the engine install looks clean and the BIN is too high. Having driven an XJ in TX and OK during the summers, one of the greatest features of the SBC conversion is being able to drive around in stop/go traffic with the AC on and not having to be so vigilant about the temperature gauge.
    Not a fan of the red piping on the slightly overstuffed seats with the deleted headrests, but the work on the interior looks well crafted.

    1. John's Cars has been handling these conversions in Texas for quite some time. Krum is 'just up the street' from their Dallas shop, so I suspect this might be one of their conversions.

  5. It does look well done, aside from the failure to delete the clown-car bumpers.

    And you can get plenty of civilized HP out of the old SBC, the reduced weight/package size of the LS-motors isn't a big issue in one of these.

    But...but...do I get to pick on the guy's spelling? It's a '76 so I'm going to guess his 'true duel' exhaust wasn't done to anything resembling California smog regs.

    Might be worth something, probably not worth $15K, inspect before buying.

  6. The AJ-16 Jag engine is known to be pretty bulletproof. I drove one for two years in a 97' XJ-6, clearly the most undervalued sedan on the planet.

    The engine is smooth and sweet and as trouble-free as any German car of the same era. In this lovely Jag Coupe, that silky smooth straight 6 would fit the character as it was intended.

    If you ever need a stop=gap $2K car that is safe, reliable and efficient, you can do far worse than an XJ. The very best I have seen don't sell at $4500. Rust free,low miles and full service record. Pretty insane, but proof what a shitty reputation will do for you.


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