Monday, January 11, 2016

Flathead Power: 1940 Ford 2-Door Sedan

By the late 1930s, Fords use of the Model T/A/K designation had changed, and now they just made a single car, available in Standard and DeLuxe trims and designated by the model year.  This next car is a 1940 Ford, which can be generalized as a 1937 Ford with a few small (year by year) cosmetic changes.  Find this 1940 Ford 2-Door Sedan here on eBay bidding for $10,200 with 6 days to go, located in Woodbury, NJ.

The 1940 Ford is one of those icon and classic shapes that will never go out of style -- in fact, you can even buy an entire new body from freshly stamped sheet steel (in Coupe shape) if you find a frame sitting around...or you could buy a new frame too.   The '40 Ford is one of few cars that you could probably build one from scratch with new parts, just don't expect to get any of them at your local Ford dealer.

The only option for engines in 1940 was a 60 horsepower 2.2 liter or 85 horsepower 3.6 liter Flathead V8 -- no 4-bangers or inline-6s available.  This one has its flathead mated to a 3-speed manual gearbox, but with a $29k asking price, I might just go look for one that needs a new body.

See a better restored pre-war classic for your collection?


  1. Yeah, gorgeous shape.

    Mechanically...well, these were built in an era when people were forgiving of things like thawing out frozen mechanical brake linkages with a blowtorch in mid-winter.

    And while we talk about all the modern things Ford resisted, like hydraulic brakes and IFS, let's remember Chevy was still building wood-frame bodies when Henry had gone all-steel and Chevy's six didn't get full pressure oiling until...I dunno.

    Current high bid is $10K, and there's no reserve listed, but the guy's got $30K listed as a price in the ad.

  2. Actually 40-48 Ford "Juice" brakes were a favorite for hot-rodding(and stopping) Model A Fords for decades

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