Saturday, January 23, 2016

BOGO: Two 1969 SAAB 95 Projects

The SAAB 95 (not the 9-5!) was a 7 seat, 2-door wagon from Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget that reminds us of the days before SAAB was mercilessly run into the ground by bean counters, and designed cars that looked like rocket ships. Today's feature is for two 95s with little detail from the seller on specs or condition, but a fantastic asking price.  Find these two 1969 SAAB 95 Projects offered for $1,000 in Ojai, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Sean. 

The SAAB 95 is powered by a 2-stroke 3-cylinder or a V4 engine taken from the Ford Taunus.  This one is probably the V4 --a 1.4 liter 55 horsepower 95 ft-lbs of torque engine that powers the (later 4-stroke) 96 and Sonett.  It puts that power to the front wheels via a 4 speed manual transmission (with the funky freewheeling action from the 2-stroke engine version).  These cars are better known for Rallye than for anything on the tarmac - the front wheels help pull the car around in low grip environments.  On the inside you'll find 5 forward facing seats (2 up front, 3 more in the back) and a final 2 bonus seats facing out the rear.

See another package deal on a few classics?


  1. No! No! No!

    Got the trailer hitched up, anyone know a good divorce lawyer?

    If they're still there Monday I'll try to figure out something that doesn't involve blood (did I tell you my wife's a professionally-trained chef and owns more knives than I'll ever know what to do with?)

    But this is loin-achingly attractive.

    1. Yeah. One car that probably just needs new fluids and a few wrenches turned. Plus a parts car that you can start rebuilding engines/trans/suspension on the side. Seems like a win-win-win.

      Let us know how it is to sleep/live inside the back of one of these....

    2. Go for it, Mrkwong! At that price, you might be able to pay for most of it with the pocket change from the night stand. That means no traceable records. When SWMBO eventually spots them, just feign surprise, and say "What, those old things? They've been here forever".

      I passed this ad on to a buddy of mine up here last week, telling him he could start a breeding program. However, since neither car runs right now, the logistics of towing a 25+ft trailer over the Sierra Nevadas in winter put him off.

  2. I am starting the Mr. Kwong Fan Page!!!!! I am living vicariously through you my brother-man-Kwong. This is the manifestation of one of my vivid desires.

    Partial Dream List: Peugeot 404 wagon, Volvo 123GT that the owner is clueless of the meaning, Rover 2000TC, TR250 with the same owner as the 123GT, Humber Super Snipe Estate.....well, the rest are an endless list of cheeky orphans as well.

    Your lists?

    One for $3500 would be a steal. Run Mr. Kwong, Run like the wind!

  3. I live in Oh-Hi! and would be wiling to help out if needed.

    1. I'm still thinking on this, as the Saab 95 is somewhere on the upper half of the first page of my bucket list, not too far below SCCA-brass-tag early-series Trans-Am racers and I haven't seen many of those for $1000 (or even $10000) lately.

      Problem is that while I can reasonably pry loose the money, I can't pry loose the space around here. Got four projects ahead of this in the queue, and haven't yet found my twenty acres in central Nebraska for the rest of my life's acquisitions.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @mrkwong - we are all pulling for you! How about renting space temporarily? Of course, the "temporary" part of that plan requires definition, since that is also the gateway drug to hoarding.


    (Is that an old Jaguar I see?!?....)


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