Friday, January 22, 2016

Auction Watch: 1975 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe w Chevy V8

Another day, another 1975 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe with Chevy V8 here on eBay bidding for $4,050 reserve-not-met with auction ending next Tuesday.


  1. Wow, can I please have all the XK engines that these guys pull out? They are not THAT hard to rebuild (apart from being frickin' HUGE), and I figure there will always be a market for that motor.

    1. Bobinott - wanna rebuild the 3.4L that's in my father's XK120?

    2. Dunno. Where is it located?

      Engine rebuilding will be a lost art soon, thanks to the incredible technology of modern engines, but the old stuff usually is just a matter of patience, cleanliness, and careful measurement.

      I have not worked on an XK since the early 80s, but the skills that my late Dad taught me when we did a Ford Kent 1600 in the early 70s transferred pretty directly. The overhead cams and chains took some additional learning.

    3. In the greater Iowa area. I suppose it would depend also on where you are.


    4. Mostly just needs pulled, pistons unfrozen, new cylinder walls and oversized pistons, and then yes, the careful checking, measurement, and reassembly.

    5. Hi Zach. I am 'way up in Canada, so probably not a good match.

      For un-sticking pistons, I generally use Automatic Transmission Fluid (old schools, from back when there was only one type!). Get it between the piston edge and the wall, then let it sit a while. Then you can try putting a wrench on the front sprocket, and just stress the crank. That little bit of force creates micro-cracks that allow the ATF to seep deeper.

      Repeat the stressing every day or so, and often there will come a day when you feel a tiny bit of movement. DO NOT get carried away at that point. Continue to work gently, and a bit in both directions, until things are truly free. Another option is using a block of wood on the piston tops, and tapping to create those same micro-cracks. Further soaking can even free the rings in the grooves.

      Patience is the ultimate virtue in this process. Good luck!

  2. The downside "the transmission is out of tune" the upside it has a new "batterie".
    Home James and if you might, smoke the tires theres a good chap....

  3. Overall pretty nice but... I'd rather see it in a more subtle color than bright red. I think the red looks cheap. And if you're going to remove the vinyl top (which I'm ok with), then why paint the roof black? Without the vinyl, an XJ6C arguably looks better all one color. But the plus side here is the nice condition and the small bumper conversion. I still see the V8 conversion as more of a negative than positive in these cars, especially the rarer coupes.

    1. Looks like this one may have been red originally, or else someone did a very thorough color change repaint job (see trunk floor, door jams, etc).

      I'm guessing in person it wouldn't be quite as bright and garish. Looks like the seller's photos are highly saturated.

      I have to say I'm tempted at $5k. Classic proportions, rarity, nice body, smog exempt, V8? For the price, I'm not sure what else falls in that same category.

  4. If I am going to go to the trouble of doing a swap on something like this, I would put in something more interesting than a SBC. I would try to find a intercooled turbo V6 from a Grand National and put it in there. Can you imagine the driving experience? Something tells me the torque curve and effortless power of that engine would feel just about right in that Jag. I will now show myself to the ducking stool.

  5. It will be news one day when one of these is for sale with a beautiful Jaguar DOHC straight 6.

    Truly one of the most exquisite engines ever built. They don't last like a Honda, but if you have driven one for a daily driver, they really are worth the upkeep.

    Just make sure you have access to said Honda.


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