Monday, December 14, 2015

What Am I? Venti

Nothing beats the Monday morning blues like a fresh cup of What Am I?  Today we've got a pic of something and you get to decide what/where/how/who it is.

What Am I?


  1. between the fetching houndstooth upholstery, the diamond stitched leather settee, the surface mount speaker and the arctic blast generator, may i ask what, if anything, is stock here?

  2. Hmmm, looks like BMW M1 interior cloth, and that looks like the view of a mid-engined car looking backwards......The round rear glass is stumping me though.

  3. Replies
    1. Winner. That vent-lookin' thing on the top is actually the driver's side (RHD) rear speaker. No idea what year or what specific car though.

    2. Matthewdesigns -- you are correct, this is a Mazda Cosmo, the car that was at the LA Auto Show a few weeks ago. Great job, how'd you get it? -Vince

    3. I saw those seats in the last week or so on some site around the web, and a search for houndstooth interior led me (circuitously) to a photo of an early Cosmo.

  4. This is an interesting one....Reatta hard top?

  5. I'm goin out on a limb and say 1934! Captains' swively chairs? and a curved glass surface. Has to be a Buckminister Fuller design.

  6. So is it on the SWAG X-MAS list ?

  7. Nice Job guys. It is indeed a first-gen Mazda Cosmo, L10B to be exact I think. I took the interior photo and the one below at the LA Auto Show this year.

    This is one of those cars that's cool-looking in photos, but absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in person. It's like a petite supermodel from the '60s who hasn't aged a bit.



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