Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Type 3 Kit Car: 1974 DRB Sabre Mk II

How often is it that you find a car for sale and you don't know what it is? Not that you aren't familiar with the make/marque, that happens often enough with ultra low volume oddballs, but when you can't even find out what you are looking at after a google search..well...that is something worth writing about.  Find this 1974 DRB Sabre Mk II here on eBay bidding for $20,000 with a few hours to go, located in Haven, VIC, Australia. 

According to a few snippets of info I could piece together from forum posts, the Sabre Mk II was sold as a kit from DRB SportsCars out in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia back in the mid/late 80s.  Production of the Sabre MkII was limited to something around 100-200 units and cost $11,000 for just the body when "new."  Styling could best be described as a little bit Ferrari Dino, a little bit Ford GT40.

The seller includes limited information on this car, which is unfortunate because it isn't something you can simply find in a quick interweb search.  It is powered by an undisclosed combination of Porsche and WRX running gear, but with any luck it could be brutally fast and fun.

See another oddball kit-car for sale?


  1. Not quite sure where that Haltech is located, but it looks like it might be under a plywood floor. Not to concerning, if it is well maintained. I like the styling. Too far away for me though.

  2. Like the car hate the Ferrari badges.
    First thing I did when my father and I rebuilt his California speedster is remove the 356 owners club badges. So cheesy.

  3. Step one buy car, step two change out the Latvian farm truck rear turn signals, step three smile a lot and drive it like a maniac.

  4. ....little bit Ferrari Dino,....a little bit GT 40, and gobs of ugly.

  5. i adore perusing this article so beautiful!!great work!


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