Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stock Sigh: 1989 Honda CRX Si

When Honda introduced its two seater CRX version of the popular Civic platform, it wasn't the fastest car, it wasn't the best handling, or the best looking --but it provided an unmatched combination of reliability, tossability, and fun for a price that was hard to beat.  If you asked me to name the CRXs competition in 1989, I'd have a hard time naming anything -- Ford's EXP?  The Mercury LN7? Cadillac Allante? Maybe Toyota's MR2 or the Pontiac Fiero, but both of those cars were "exotic" mid engined rear-drive things and the CRX maintained the front-front configuration of the Civic.  Find this 1989 Honda CRX Si here on eBay bidding for $5,600 reserve-not-met with 1 day to go, located in Lebanon, NJ.

The Honda CRX Si isn't something you find in stock condition, because most have been Fast 'n' Furized over the years. Shockingly, today's CRX is not only in mint condition, but is also the desirable Si version with a manual gearbox to boot!

Under the hood of the second generation CRX Si (sport injected) is a D16A6 4-banger that pushes out 108 horsepower from 1.6 liters of DOHC fuel injected goodness.  It makes up for lack of power by being torquey at low rpm and being mated to another fantastic Honda snick-snick gearbox.

See another clean classic Honda?


  1. Unicorn.
    Obviously there wasn't a teenager around this car for the past 27 years.

  2. What, did someone decide to dig up a sealed, climate-controlled shipping container of '80s cars before the end of the year? Now, admittedly, an Aries wagon and a CRX Si are the chalk and the cheese of the old saw, but...still.

    This thing's got to go for five figures.

  3. 2nd Gen CRX Si models only came to the USA with 5 speed manuals. And a great manual tranny it was! Low-end power, not so much....but wind the mill up and you will move fast. Another fun fact: AC was an option on ALL Civics of this vintage, including CRXs.

  4. This guy is certainly into '80s Honda, and I'd be just fine with the '84 Honda V65 Sabre in the background of the picture at the top. I'm thinking I could come up with a battery cover and flip that pretty quick! That was about as quick as one could go in '84.

  5. Interesting that the license plate frame says tustin (socal) and the seller claims norcal. Also, why ship it all the way to NJ when you are just flipping it? Strange. I think he is lucky to be getting the current bid ($5700).

  6. Dear DT,
    Long time watcher, first time commenter ... Can we re-title this post to "What Political Personality Am I"?

    Using the following clues guess who this car advert most most clearly resembles.
    1. Under the fog of nastalgia, intentional misspelling, I seek condition your thoughts toward happier times when life seemed simpler or better
    2. Why do I wear my toupe/crx sheath so jauntily atop my honourable dome so proudly? Do I hide neatly planted corn rows of once prolific neck follicles or perhaps did said remorseless teenagers sawzall my carapace to afford that all necessary moon roof/targa/T top this model may have lacked?

    And that's enough clues for today people. Otherwise I will start to disparage the good name of Honda.

    1. Daily Turismo •• DT •• Donald Trump

      coincidence? - coincivince???

      D+7=K •• T+7=Z... or is that a 2???


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