Friday, December 18, 2015

ST165 All-Trac Turbo: 1988 Toyota Celica GT-Four

The Celica GT-Four was a street version of the car that Toyota used to compete in the World Rally Championship, and it offered a turbocharged engine and all wheel drive in the compact Celica liftback package.  Find this 1988 Toyota Celica GT-Four All-Trac Turbo offered for $4,500 in Watsonville, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

The ST165 generation was the first Celia to be moved on a front-wheel-drive platform and separate from the Supra platform, which stayed rear-wheel-drive.  Enthusiasts might pout about this, but it did allow Toyota to create the All-Trac Turbo (aka GT-Four) version, both the street and track versions.

This ST165 would have originally been powered by a turbocharged 3S-GTE inline-4 good for around 182 horsepower, but it has been replaced with a later engine that should push out something in the neighborhood of 225 horsepower and possibly invisible to the prying eyes of a smog technician. 

The interior isn't in the best shape, but you can probably find standard Celica parts for cheap at a local junkyard to replace anything worn or broken. 

See another turbocharged 80s classic for less?


  1. This Celica all-trac has been on craigslist for quite a while. Wonder what the issues are besides the price being somewhat high?

  2. " probably find standard Celica parts for cheap " Or, you could replace with Mini parts you make yourself. Project Binky

  3. " probably find standard Celica parts for cheap " Or, you could replace with Mini parts you make yourself. Project Binky

  4. Alas, open-element air filters are NEVER invisible to the prying eyes of a California smog tech.

    ST16x Celicas are getting scarcer in junkyards, they're kind of a missing-link in Celica evolution.

    The preceding RWD models get fair attention, and some of the later ones get some love because, well, they're newer and some are faster, but the FWD ST161/ST162 is largely ignored. Didn't help they also tended to rust in spots.

  5. The price on this one doesn't seem too out of line, but it HAS been on the market forever (think I posted it in the comments here a couple weeks back) - is it just the interior condition, or is there something less than mechanically sorted about that swap?

  6. Instantly my mind goes into the things I would fix. Sparco seats and wheel, build a box for the hot air intake and find some oz wheels. Could be really (rally) cool


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