Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spot The Classics: A Volkswagen Beetle...Plus More

This next feature centers around a listing for a Beetle, but that isn't the interesting part, because the seller has a garage/street/yard full of cool old classics.  Find this 1965 Volkswagen Beetle offered for $2,200 in Berkeley, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy.

The city of Bezerkely is known for a few things, notably protesters, hippies, homeless, homeless hippies, and homeless protesting hippies -- but beyond the anti-consumer anti-normal vibe is an undercurrent of hipster -- maybe even meta hipster.  What that means is that if you get a "car collector" in Berkeley, he isn't going to have a C3 Vette or 911 in his driveway, but he might have a Volkswagen parked next to an E-Type --- but things get more interesting in the garage.  What can you find?  And what is under that tarp?

Special bonus internet points* available to the first person to correctly (as deemed correct by a consensus) get all the cars in these two pics.

*Points redeemable in the afterlife -- no returns after 30 days.


  1. Without spending too much time on research, I'm seeing an Alfa GTV6, AMC AMX, Bullet-nose era Studebaker, and Zimmer (?) on the street. At least that's what I think they are. Under the cover is tough to say. But in the garage is clearly another E-Type on the left with it's full nose/hood sitting behind it on the ground. This is a very East Bay-type of hoard. Seriously, this is not unusual in those parts.

    I have a theory that when people list one (usually old) car for sale with photos that also show one or more other old cars in the background it's a subtle plea/cry for help. I think these sellers are wanting to get rid of more than one car but can't quite get themselves to list the others. They're hoping someone stumbles across the listing and contacts them about the lurker in the background. I've found a few cool cars that way. It happens a lot with VWs. Mostly because air-cooleds are a gateway drug to other old car purchases.

    1. It's an Alfetta GT and not a GTV-6.

    2. Damn, I was compelled to look again. I think next to the Jag in the garage on the right side is a 70s Mopar. Something like a Challenger circa '71-'72.

    3. Gianni, I think you're right, even though they're kinda the same thing (not to Alfanatics)... but you are correct.

      That Zimmer, if that's what it is, looks to be based on a Cougar by the appearance of the side glass. I thought most of those were Buick-based. When I look up Zimmer in a Google image search I start to feel ill. Anyone want to research that so I don't have to?

    4. Oh man... it took me 30 seconds to find this place on Google street view. At the time the Google spy drove by, in the driveway there was an early 2nd generation Camaro, a 70s 911 Targa with a tea tray spoiler, and a 1942 Buick on the street. This guy/gal has very eclectic taste in cars. I like it.

    5. Think they have been identified; but interesting no comments on the stove pipe exhaust on the XKE...wow!

    6. First image left to right; Porsche from firewall back, AMC Gremlin in front of a '51 Studebaker Land Cruiser, VW beetle on the street, Alfetta GT, AMC AMX, Zimmer and Chev 30 Murderhome

      Second image is two Series III XKE coupes, one with a loose hood, the same V-dub and I will venture an early 70's Cuda.

    7. Ghastly as it may seem there was a time when people would routinely drop a small block Chevy into an XKE

  2. I wish I could name the street! Growing up there, I often saw E-type project cars in garages; the daily was a Volvo. My Dad's daily? A yellow MGB GT.

  3. Oh, found it- 4732-4798 Salem St, Emeryville, CA 94608

    - really more like Oakland. In streetview there's a Porsche Targa, an old 40's American car and an old Camaro. Quite the collector.

  4. I like this guy's tastes but I'm happy that he's not my neighbor...

  5. Bullit nose studebaker circa 1949-51.


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