Thursday, December 10, 2015

Service For Eight: 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate

The Roadmonster is one of those polarizing cars that isn't universally loved by all car guys.  Many folks don't understand the appeal of a body-on-frame people hauler that offers the fuel economy of a Greyhound bus and the road manners of a cruise ship.  However, for the people who fondly remember station wagons of yesteryear, it is the best example of a 1960s car that was built through the 1990s.  Find this 1993 Buick Roadmaster Estate offered for $999 via hemmings. Tip from Douglas.

Buick started using the Roadmaster name on a Fireball straight-8 powered behemoth that apparently named itself on the first test on the open highway.  Fast forward a half a century later and the Roadmaster name was applied to Buick's version of the B-body Caprice -- available in both sedan (yawn...boring) and estate (yaaayy!!) trim.

In truth this isn't really the Roadmaster that you want -- the 1991-1993 cars used the less than stellar L03/L05 V8 -- this one has the 5.7 liter version that puts out 180 horsepower (versus the 1994-1996 Roadmaster that uses an LT1 for 260 hp) into an automatic transmission.  However...for less than 10 Benjamins, don't expect to find any LT1 Roadmonsters.

 See a better family wagon for your next cross country vacation?


  1. Those were 100,144 rough miles. If you have $1,000 to spend and put $999 towards this car, you'd be wise to spend your last remaining buck on a green tree air freshener. You'll need it. Certainly some of those stains aren't dirt.

  2. actually great cars as you can impala ss-ize them since same chassis and even use 2wd truck components... best time we had was pacing 2 vipers in heavy traffic on hwy 400 (like the interstates)... i am sure if we passed radar, they would have thought WTF... viper, viper, woody wagon all speeding

    then you have the 3rd seat.... take some major hills to get some air under her and kids in back are flying!!
    gord in ontario

  3. Best example? Volvo 140->240 could be a close second from 1966 - 1993?


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