Friday, December 4, 2015

Seller Submission: 1923 Ford Model T & 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

This next seller submission is a two-fer from Steve who writes:  I'm trying to sell 2 cars to get to 1.  I promise if I sell them, I'll buy something cool.  That is just the kind of attitude we need around here!  You can find Steve's 1923 Ford Model T for $18,500 & 1994 Chevrolet Camaro for $14,500 in Champlin, MN via craigslist. Seller submission from Steve.

First up is the '23 Model T, which judging by the pictures is quite a custom and not bad looking at all.  Not much remains of the original T, and it is powered by a 355 cubic inch small block Chevrolet V8 -- but it looks extraordinarily well detailed in the pics and clean enough to eat off the underside.

A few more specs from the seller: 1928 Model A straight axle - drilled,  1928 Model A split wishbones - drilled and sleeved, British sports car liquid lever shocks in front, Chrome tube shocks in back, 1954 Studebaker steering box, 1948 Ford spindles w/ GM rotors and Howe Racing calipers.  Forget trying to build this thing for anywhere near the asking price.

The Camaro isn't as modified as the Model T, but it is as much of an attention getter on the streets.  Over the original black paint is a set of custom painted flames.  Per the seller: Original 350 LT1 V8 / T56 6 speed manual trans. / 3:42 performance axle ratio w/ limited slip NO T-Tops, Black / red interior, Eibach pro kit lowering springs, K&N cold air intake, Hooker Aero Chamber catback exhaust w/ polished stainless Megs tips, Hurst short throw shifter w/ custom red anodized shift knob, Billet Specialties 18" x 9-1/2" GTX 70 wheels, Kumho 275/35/18 tires, factory black paint with custom applied hot rod flames from Unique Body and Paint.

Got your own ride(s) for sale? Send em here:


  1. Hmm... judging by the photos, Steve apparently moonlights as a Superhero...

    Is it safe to give away his secret identity online, Jefe?

  2. considering the low rate of heavily modified cars around here, i really had to click on a $14,500 1994 Camaro - would a 50 mile brand new one with the sticker still on the window even be worth that much?

  3. Looks like both of Steve's cars are clean as can be! That T is completely insane...I love it! The Camaro is low low mileage, clean underneath as it is on top. Makes me wonder what he will buy when he sells them both..GLWTS and kudos for keeping these beauties in tip top shape.

  4. what will he buy? - guesses here - assume $20k spend, keep the change for upgrades and a party

    i'll say C3 Corvette, post chrome

  5. Never been a fan of the T-bucket but this one is done pretty damn well !

  6. Kaibeezy - you're LITERALLY right on the money - which is to say you're correct on the money part. I've already got something picked out. It's vintage but with modern EFI and a Tremec 5 spd :) I plan to spend <$20K and have money left to make it "mine" (and the party doesn't sound bad either)!


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