Saturday, December 26, 2015

Prototypical: 1928 Carter Electric

This next vehicle comes as a tip from rod444 who writes:  Merry Christmas to all at DT. Started this awesome day the same way as most, cruising my favorite vehicle websites, Craigslist and a the local auto ads... and here's an electric that 99% of us have never seen in real life. And here we thought Elon had come up with an original idea :) Find this 1928 Carter Electric offered for $5,700 in Eastern CT via craigslist.

Let's face it, you aren't going to get a 2016 Tesla Model S P99D with Hyperspace mode for $5k, but what you get here certainly has some charm.  I couldn't find much info on Carter Electric from a quick search of the web, but I have no reason to doubt the sellers story that this was built in England and is powered by a single 36 volt DC electric motor located under the driver.  Range is questionable, but uber isn't expensive, and you could probably just shove this thing in the trunk of the murderer uber driver who picks you up.

See a better vehicle to that'll get you free access to the carpool lanes?


  1. I'd love to see wind tunnel test results on this thing.

    Not that it could get to speeds where Cd matters much, and even if it could I wouldn't drive it there.

  2. Britain had some very unique handicap vehicles post WWI and on. With all hand controls, is this one of them?

  3. Careful with your comments on Uber drivers, lest you end up like Jeremy Clarkson.

    1. that ignorant jackhole deserves every bit of scorn ever heaped on him. glad bbc finally got the stones to can his a**

    2. he's the donald trump of automotive infotainment

  4. I have seen this vehicle many times at the annual British Cars by the Sea at Harkness State Park, Waterford, CT on the first Sunday in June. Very cool.


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