Tuesday, December 15, 2015

One Owner: 1986 Acura Integra LS

The original Acura Integra "Teggy" was released for the US market in 1985 as a pop-up headlight equipped hatchback -- both 3-door and 5-door variants were available.  It is a fool's errand to attempt and quantify the number that have been turned into "race cars", but let's just say that the streets of suburbia were littered with lowered examples back in the late 1990s...and then the mostly disappeared.  Sure, you see the odd grandma driven example, but where did all the "10 second" Teggys go?  It matters not, because today we've got a nice one-owner low mile 1986 Acura Integra LS offered for $2,200 in Columbus, OH via craigslist..  Tip from FuelTruck.

Powering this hatchback is a "Browntop" D16A1 1.6 liter dual-over-head-cam all-alloy 4-banger that puts out 113 horsepower and 99 ft-lbs of torque.  The transverse mounted little engine features torque-a-plenty at low rpm and is mated to a 5-speed manual transaxle.

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  1. Always thought these where fugly the later ones with coke bottle head lights i like !

  2. And for slightly less than half that amount, I bring you an '86 Celica GT-S liftback:


    Oh, don't bother clicking, the ad's gone. Because it's now sitting on my lift. Won't pass smog until the well-perforated center exhaust is replaced, but the thousand bucks the state will give you for scrapping almost anything registered has kinda put a floor under the ability to negotiate price and conditions on running old cars in this state.

    So I've now got two of the creatures, the exterior trim, dash, and door panels is in much better shape on the '86 GT I'd gotten for free two-plus years ago and have put 30K on since then, but the GT has more rust. The GT-S has more of that modern-art clearcoat deterioration going on, but nicer seats, fewer miles, previous owners spent surprising sums on maintaining it (new radiator, new rear muffler, newish alternator, new this, new that) for a car that averaged less than 3K a year for the past decade.

    And the 3S-GE in it looks much more like the JDM 3S-GE BEAMS redtop powertrain sitting in the side yard. Further comment on that would not be appropriate at this time.


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