Monday, December 14, 2015

Of All The Gol: 1988 Volkswagen Fox Wagon

Volkswagen's Type 1 Beetle was phased out of the US market after the 1979 model year where it was somewhat replaced by the Rabbit/Golf, but the subcompact economy segment was left unfilled for a few years.  In 1987 Volkswagen started importing a dirt cheap Brazilian built Gol to compete in the econobox segment, but up here it was badged as the Fox.  Find this 1988 Volkswagen Fox Wagon here on eBay bidding for $2,750 with $4,500 buy-it-now located in Kendall Park, NJ with a few hours to go.  Tip from Rene.

Don't confuse the Volkswagen Fox with the Audi Fox; although both were available as wagons with a similar rear hatch shape -- and interestingly enough the Brazilian built BX platform was based on the B1/B2 Audi/VW platform, so the VW Fox probably shared a few dimensions with the Audi Fox.

The Gol was originally launched for the Brazilian market with a 1.3 liter aircooled flat-4 mounted up front (leftover Beetle parts?) but the US version was powered by a 1.8 liter inline-4 cylinder water cooled engine that produced 91 horsepower and 93 ft-lbs of torque when fed via Bosch CIS-E Jetronic fuel injection.  

See another way to get into a low mile shooting brake for cheap?


  1. My first car was an '88 GL coupe. Always had a soft spot for these because of that, even though they are not particularly great cars. And wagaon (or Shooting Brake!) always looked great in my eyes.

  2. Never knew these had an air cooled flat 4 in the Brazilian market. I like the wagon much more than the coupe and this one looks well cared for. I see these for sake on CL from time to time but usually they are offered as non runners. The color works well on this one and I'm curious where the price will be when the auction ends.

  3. Ah, the unenviable Fox. This one is a true rarity because as I recall, the Fox was generally guaranteed some kind of mechanical failure within the 20/20 warranty period - 20 feet or 20 minutes that is.

  4. "Currently bidding at" is a bit misleading -- there are zero bids at the moment (I am currently considering going to the waterpark with Kate Upton this afternoon myself). This is a fascinating sale that will establish the market value of pure hipsterness. Because the car can't be worth what they are asking, can it?

  5. These are funny to me. They were pure, unadulterated crap when new. However, just like over time, that crazy jealous possessive ex you had in college slowly becomes "the one that got away" in your mind, so have these become somehow desirable.

  6. I bought the sedan version of this new in.... '92?? I got the "Sport" version meaning I got 14" aluminum wheels, a 5 speed, an actual tach in the dash rather than a clock, as well as the GTI steering wheel that this wagon is pictured with. I beat the crap out of that car on Chicago streets for quite few years with no maintenance aside from oil changes and it never gave me a problem. I was so proud of it early on that I often amour-alled the engine compartment to keep the black parts looking nice and shiney. I think this ultimately caused all the vacuum lines to dry and crack, and then she started having idling issues. About that time, I got married and we traded her in. With the miles this is showing and the work that has been performed, I think that most any car is worth near the ask of this one. This would make a great first car or around town runabout. If I had the space right now, I'd be seriously, seriously tempted for below $4k... GLWTS. I love it.

  7. I agree with previous comments. A genuine dog. The things I recall most were the really crappy build. The driving dynamic wasn't, dynamic. The 4spd stick had really horrible gaps in the ratios, either scream up a long but gentle incline on the interstate and either scream the engine to stay up with traffic, or put in 4th and scrub off speed pretty quickly. Around town was dreadful.

  8. The front shot with the plate partially covered makes it hard to read it. The rear shot however, doesn't.

  9. Where can I buy parts to import into Brazil?


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