Monday, December 14, 2015

McKlein Rally Callendar: The Wider View 2016

Sandwiched haphazardly between the e-mails from companies promising larger...errr...stuff...and the generic "is that car still for sale" messages was a note from Pete at who said he had something that might interest DT readers.  A few days later a gigantic package arrived in the mail (it was my birthday a few weeks prior, so I assumed my wife had ordered an ironing board or something) but instead I opened what can only be described as the largest 2016 calendar I've ever seen.

The McKlein Rally Calendar is a treat for any motorhead and it is an impressive 95cm wide and 48 cm tall...that is over 3 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall (69 Mustang fender above for reference).  It is going to look great over the fireplace after I convince the wife to ditch the family pics...if I want to see my family, I can just yell and they'll appear...sheesh.  Anyway, to get your own super-ultra-mega wide Rally Calendar, head over to where you will be redirected to a facebook page and the buy link is in a "shop" box on the left.  The Wider View 2016 calendar costs $85 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Now, I know what you guys are going to say -- "$85, I can buy a car for that" or  "I could buy a 12-pack of bondo with that cash" or "I can get a bucket of herbal enhancement pills for $85"-- but think of it this way...when was the last time you had a calendar that could be taken apart at the end of the year and framed? These are printed on thick paper and the collection of photos is impressive -- and you get 2 choices of pics for each month -- this is the perfect thing to ask the wife for at Christmas.

P-sport also offers a Motorsport Classic 2016 calendar that is not quite as wide (67cm). It is also 26 pages of high quality motoring excitement, but this time with vintage black and white class -- this one is offered for $83 shipped.  The final calendar is a 2016 Desktop Rally Calendar that is a much smaller 11.5x13.5cm size, but offers 55 pages of classic and modern rally action, all for $28 shipped.

See a better Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa present? email us here:

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