Monday, December 21, 2015

Marquis de Sad: 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis was a badge engineered version of the Ford Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town Car.  It rode on the full sized Ford Platform in the mid 70s, but transferred (with its corporate stablemates) to the Panther platform in 1979 where it lived with the CrownCar through 2011.  Today's example comes from the late 80s when vinyl landau tops were in and shocks were underdamped.  Find this 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis offered for $4,000 in San Jose, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy.

The Grand Marquis isn't a car that will evoke much of an emotional response for anyone...but today's example is absolutely minty clean and has a staggeringly low 57k miles on the odometer -- that's 2000 miles a year by my count. And those aren't taxi-cab miles, these were little old lady on the weekend miles because this thing is clean!

Under the hood of this Marquis is a Ford 5.0 liter fuel injected V8 that is rated at 150 horsepower and 270 ft-lbs of torque...but inside is a set of seriously plush bucket-ench seats that will fit any supersized American passengers. 

See another luxury version of a Taxi cab for cheap?


  1. Really good cars, and there's still plenty of these out there in this condition (in Fla. at least); these and Buick Lesabres (also a good choice for inexpensive and minty cars) were the geezer car of choice for a couple of decades

    1. Once upon a time, we were shopping out in Palm Desert somewhere, we returned to our Infinit Q45 and turned the key and WHOOSH! all the R12 in the car was vented to air in a great white cloud.

      This was midsummer so we drove it straight to the local Infiniti dealer. I made clear to them that as far as I was concerned under our warranty an AC failure in Palm Springs in the summertime meant the car was disabled. They grumbled a bit and coughed up a Buick LeSabre rental as a loaner. This was about 1996 or so.

      Horrible, awful piece of crap. I'd have rather been poodling around in an S-10. But at least the AC worked.

  2. I can imagine sitting in this smoking cigarettes and eating pistachios waiting for the mark to make their move.
    Hopefully there is no banana in the tailpipe.

  3. "Marquis de Sad" - A gem, DT! You guys crack me up.

  4. I remember being driven around in the back of one of these with the headliner dragging on my head, heat on full blast in the middle of summer (to keep the engine/cooling system from grenading), slowly being poisoned to death from the exhaust leaking through the firewall. I'll never forget the metal on metal slap the doors made in their sad attempt at latching to the body. Despite all of that I'd be curious to see what this minty new one is like.

  5. As a 16 and 17 year old my old Boss had one of these brand new in 1989 and on occasion she would have me drive it from the mountains of North Georgia down to Atlanta and back to pick up stuff.

    Coming from my 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix (back when cars were not expected to last 10 years) this thing was a marvel. It rode like a couch, was fast, way more luxurious than our crappy house and furniture and I didn't have to pay for gas.

  6. What are the choices for regular ol' gram and gramps these days?

    I had an occasion to drive one fairly recently. Unless you are moving over from something similar in yaw and pitch, batten down the hatches and stock up on the drammimene. Definite 70's driving sensations.

    It is really easy, in a nice way, to see why older folks might like it. Getting in and out is easy. Good view all around and such a soft ride and insulation that you won't notice running over the grand kid's tricycle, or whacking surrounding cars at the mall. Others will, but not you.

    1. >> I had an occasion to drive one fairly recently. Unless you are moving over from
      >> something similar in yaw and pitch, batten down the hatches and stock up on the
      >> drammimene. Definite 70's driving sensations.

      Oh no, no, no.

      Compared to the true '70s Experience, whether you're talking a drum-brake six-cylinder Maverick or a '73 LTD sedan (five thousand pounds of tackwelded stampings connected to tires with no measurable Cf seemingly through a pair of nylon clotheslines) this thing is an E34 BMW.

    2. "The true '70s Experience"...would be in something green, with brown, uh, rust coloration.


      With Creedence in the tape deck of course.

  7. i had a tirade about that the other week - conclusion was Honda CRV / Toyota RAV and a big yawn - Honda Element was interesting, but was kiboshed too long ago to be a current option - basically there's Accord / Camry, Civic / Corolla, a few other random midsize generics, and that's about it - my uncle drives whatever is the current midsize Volvo, but he's considered an eccentric

  8. As far as an ol' gram car. I know a 90 year old woman that trades for a new chevy impala every two years... I was shocked, I bet she doesn't drive 5K a year...

    1. And she buys an 'Impala' regardless of what the steering wheel and throttle pedal are actually attached to.

      For her, it's probably a perfectly reasonable move.


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