Monday, December 21, 2015

Hard To Top: 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

It seems like only yesterday that you could pickup an original Ford Mustang coupe for around $5000 and it would be a good running/driving V8 with a few miles, but prices have gone up in the past few decades and now finding something for $5k that isn't a burnt out carcass powered by an inline-6 is unusual.  Find this 1966 Ford Mutang Coupe offered for $5,000 in Palm Springs, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

Its funny to think that after 50 years of inflation this car is only worth about $2,000 more than when it left the Ford factory, but that is the risk you take when you buy a new high volume passenger car...and the Mustang was indeed high volume.  Ford sold over 1 million Mustangs in the first 18 months of production and the rest is history.  This is probably the 200 horsepower 289 cubic inch V8 mated to a 3-speed auto -- not a bad combo for a cheap classic driver. 

The most interesting part of this listing is that the seller includes an address for a parking lot that this car is sitting in -- and asks potential tire kickers to take a look at the car in person before phoning him up for a visit.  See a better deal on a classic Mustang?


  1. If I lived within driving distance (1/2 day or less) I would be on the way to Palm Springs with money in my pocket. If it didn't have AC a Vintage Air system would remedy that and my wife would have a new daily driver.

  2. If it sounds too good to be true . . .

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  5. If this is for real it won't last long. The seller states that the car has had one owner and is all original with 80k miles. The ad does say the car is solid but has some rust and mentions a leaky carb. I'm curious if its legit,if anybody checks it out be sure to fill us in. The ad was posted 30 days ago so it makes me wonder why it hasn't sold yet. Maybe the price was lowered recently due to the numerous tire kickers he says he has dealt with.

  6. If this is true, the car has already been stolen. This would be the stupidest way to advertise a car for sale.

  7. How many of you are ever tempted just to write the most stupid question when warned not to in a CL ad?

    It is a steal, but how much effort is it to take more than 2 photos? He might cut down on "tire kickers" if he showed people some detail perhaps? Phone calls would be even more excruciating if the seller leaves out details. And why buy a rust bucket back east and what drive the POS back, or pay $1500 to ship it? It might be still for sale because it is a load.


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