Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Electric Bug Kit: 1970 Urba Town Car

Bricklin SV-1: Hello. 
Zamboni:  Its me, the Zamboni, and I think we need to talk.
Bricklin SV-1: Who is this?
Zamboni: It's me, remember that time a few years ago that we got really drunk and went behind the ice rink...
Bricklin SV-1: Hang on, is this DeLorean playing jokes on me again?  Are you pranking me bro?
Zamboni: No...and I'm not a bro, and you are a Dad..he's 5 now.
Bricklin SV-1:.....
Zamboni: His name is  Urba Town Car and you can find him bidding on eBay for $4,000 reserve-not-met with 1 day to go, located in Louisville, KY.

That was just the beginning of the story, but the SV-1 wasn't a very good dad and ended up going off with a floozy of a Tesla Model S, and that's where the Bradley GT  II came from -- but that is a story for another time -- back to the model at hand, the Urba Town Car.

The Urba Town Car was sold as a fiberglass kit that was bolted on top of a Volkswagen Type 1 chassis -- you can read all about it here on Forgottenfiberglass.  The Urba moves forward with assistance from a small 8 horsepower electric motor that gives you a top speed of 35 mph, and a few lead acid batteries that give a range of 60 miles.

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  1. Man this this is crazy looking. It looks really awkward from every angle

    1. That being said I would still much rather have this over a Prius

  2. With all of those batteries cantilevered out in the nose, I'd expect some front brake and tire upgrades could result in epic stoppies. If you're into stuntin' and splodin' and that kinda thing.

  3. Sorry, but no. The original RQRiley Urbathing was kinda cute and made sense if you weren't talking about NHTSA crash tests.

    This is just...it's like the fish that evolve to live under a regulatory scheme not far different from utter darkness. Maybe it suits some specific environment but in the world of the Earth's surface it's a frightening mess, missing only the little light dangling over the front bumper.

  4. No, seriously, how does someone step back, arms folded and say; "Done! Perfecto!"

    Cataracts? Peyote? Dementia?

  5. I can't stop looking at these photos...

    Hopefully, no one died looking at this car...

  6. Am I the only one who's thinking this looks a LOT like a Bond Bug? Only less mainstream.

  7. The Citi Car's homilier cousin?

  8. The Citi Car's homilier cousin?


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