Thursday, December 17, 2015

E34 Wagon: 1992 BMW 525i Touring

The E34 generation BMW 5-series replaced in the E28 for the 1988 model year and featured (for the North American market) a variety of inline-6 engines for your motoring needs.  A V8 version was offered starting in 1993, but the muted howl of the inline-6 is more than adequate for your driving needs...especially when mated to a manual gearbox.  Find this 1992 BMW 525i Wagon with M54 swap offered for $3,200 in the SF Valley, CA via craigslist.

My apologies for non LA residents for all the SoCal based cars today, but as they say in LA "when it rains, it, like, pours...OMG is that Beyoncé?" and its been raining cool cars from the West coast capital of car culture.  Anyway, this E34 looks slightly lowered and rides on a set of BMW wheels borrowed from something newer than 1992.

Under the hood is a M50 engine with M54 internals, which means the 3.0 liter engine should be good for more than the stock 189 horsepower rating, but the seller doesn't include a picture or additional details about the engine. 

See a cooler wagon for sale?


  1. Shoot, this is close to me, cheap, and something I would drive.
    I may need to buy it!

    1. It has taken great restraint for me to refrain from contacting the seller. I sent the ad to Vince so he would post it on DT and I could get it out of my system.

  2. My first remark was going to be something like wanting to make out in this car at least once a week, but then I saw the 'needs TLC' part, and considered that I've got a bunch of cars like that already.

    Does look nice, though.

  3. See a cooler wagon for sale? Not really! Stunner for sure, must be some expensive TLC, although seems worth a couple large just to park in the garage. A good start already - take your time, she's a beauty.

  4. I was shocked to see the ad still posted, echoing others here, and as a huge fan of e34 and e39 touring models. This is silly low money. Try just finding a stick, original or otherwise.

    I used to keep cash in my dresser just so I could jump on the first nice one I came upon. I never came upon on. Sean Scott - I hope you nail it bro!

  5. Boy, I'd like to know what the "needs TLC" note covers. Otherwise, this is a really frickin' nice car. Love wagons, love RWD, love manual shifts, and BMWs of that era were not Why-Tech time bombs, waiting to empty your bank account if you looked at them the wrong way.

    But Google Maps tells me that they STILL have not moved CA any closer to me. Drat!

  6. This is an E39 540i, alas, with an automatic. I have been keeping an eye on it, with the price edging down. It is currently at just under $8K. With the price of oil edging down too, this is the time to consider something with a V8.

    There isn't much detail in the ad so you'd want to do a PPI, but it sure looks clean in the photos.

  7. From the seller. This car sounds so awesome.

    The block is a 92nv, with m54 internals and m52 head with m3 cams. We Techline coated the new main and rod bearings, used ARP head studs (stock head gasket) and it's running a custom tune from Turner. We used the m54 plastic valve cover and made our own catch can to eliminate the troublesome BMW oil separator. Catch can drains back into the oil pan via a custom dipstick tube. The oil pan is drilled for oil temp sender and oil return for a turbo. We used the m54 oil filter housing so it's plumbed for oil temp/oil pressure sensor. IIRC, there is a water temp sensor in the head as well. It was set up for VDO gauges/sensors. It also has a Stewart high performance water pump.

    Turner LW flywheel with stage 1 clutch. ZF320z 5 speed from a 2001 M-Coupe. Factory LSD diff.

    Euro spec low beam "smileys", factory clear Hella turn lamps, Euro spec LKM, so fogs will run when high beams are on.

    Other little bits that I can't remember right now.

    Needs lower control arms and front struts. If I were going to keep it I would redo all suspension components. Brakes work well. Needs rear window regulators and has seat twist. A/C and heater, wipers, horn work. Front windows work. Power door locks work. Needs paint, no accidents, no rust.

    1. Nice work.

      Big question is: will it pass smog in its current form?

    2. Sold today and not to me. I couldn't get time to go see it. It does pass smog, a big plus for the new buyer. Hope they are stoked. I would have loved to have this. I guess I am 3k richer today. Kids will get a few presents after all.


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