Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Microcar in a Pear Tree: 1960 Trojan 200 aka Heinkel Kabine

One the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a Trojan 200 on a flat-bed.  Seriously, nobody wants some disease carrying piece of wild poultry, what they want is something useful, like a microcar that has been in storage for the past 50 years.  Find this 1960 Trojan 200 aka Heinkel Kabine offered for $12,000 in Wauchula, FL via craigslist.

$12,000 seems like an extreme amount of cash for a microcar that probably needs significant work, but (for whatever reason) the microcar market is hot right now. Heinkel Flugzeugwerke built the Kabine 3-wheeler from 1956-1958, but sold the rights for production to Trojan Cars Ltd out of the UK where they were built from 1960-1966.

Powering the Kabine/200 is a 4-stroke single cylinder tut-tut engine that produces about 10 horsepower and 10 ft-lbs of torque from 200cubic centimeters of displacement. The Kabine was one of the few microcars to have a functioning reverse gear.

 According to various interweb sources, Iso Rivolta had a patent on the front hinging door, but Heinkel was able to skirt it by not having the steering wheel hing with the door, so you will need to maneuver around the door before exiting the via the froor.

See another microcar for your collection?


  1. If this were cheaper, id say a busa swap would be in order.

    1. BU-SA! BU-SA!

      (actually, when I first saw it, I pictured it with some big Soviet radial aircraft engine wedged in the back end...)

    2. Can it have the prop still? Mounted backwards i guess?

  2. 12 grand is a little steep for a used Trojan.

    1. Especially one where the front end's made to open up.

    2. At least this one lets you pull out

  3. Replies
    1. No, but the convertible top is ribbed, presumably for her pleasure.

  4. I'd love to look around the rest of his property. Some cool stuff in a small framed shot.

  5. And to think that three years later they were building group 7 McLarens.


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