Monday, November 16, 2015

What Am I? What You Seat Is What You Get

Time for another edition of What Am I? -- DT's cure for the Monday morning blues.  Last week's puzzle pic was provided by K2 Mystery Car, who is the king of twisted pictures, so I'm going to use another one from the K2 archives.  What is it?  I dunno either.   Some kind of moving vehicle...

Let's see who can solve this one.  Big thanks to K2 for another puzzle.


  1. looks an awful lot like a Kia K series truck except they have a single center arm rest.

  2. Funny, I was just cross shopping these with the Transit. RWD, turbo 4, lane departure and crosswind mitigation... what's not to like? As for which one it is... still looking.

    It's a Metris.

    1. More specifically, it's a cargo-variant of what is sold in the US as the Mercedes / Sprinter "Metris" van with the Black Tunja Fabric Seat Trim and a windowed divider between the front seats and rear cargo area. I don't know the trade name for it, but think the back cab wall of a pickup truck.

    2. I guess MB just calls it a "partition". And the picture is a retouch of the press / brochure interior shot, and is not vehicle specific.

      And I'm spent.

    3. Great job RyanM -- have a cookie. Seriously. This site probably just put a cookie in your browser history. It is chocolate chip with a sprinkling of big brother's watchful eye. Why do they call the cookies anyway? Probably easier for folks to accept than calling them rats, moles, or trackers...

  3. Nice job Ryan - I had an inkling in that direction but didn't have time for the research this afternoon.


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