Sunday, November 1, 2015

Time Changer: 1969 Chevrolet Townsman Wagon 4-Spd

Here is a plus sized car for today's plus sized day.  That's right, today is the day to set your clocks back and enjoy an extra hour of scouring the internet for cheap custom junk for sale -- unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii or a few rogue counties in Indiana.  Find this 1969 Chevrolet Townsman Wagon here on eBay bidding for $10,995 with a few hours to go located in Canton, OH.

This Chevrolet Townsman Wagon is based on the full sized B-Body Impala, a legendary body-on-frame platform shared with Chevy Biscayne, Brookwood, Bel Air, Kingswood, Caprice, and countless other Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, and Buicks.  This one powered by a 327 cubic inch small block V8 with a 4-speed manual transmission.  It also sports power steering, power disc brakes and a lowered suspension with new springs, and bushings. 

See a better time change special?


  1. Great summer fun car for taking the family to the beach, four speed would add driving fun. All the hard work sounds like it has been done. Its for cruising rather than going fast ( drum brakes/ 327 in a 4000 pound car). Best part would be telling kids what the red lever is for next to the shifter. (reverse lockout? ejector seat?)

  2. Look, the back of this car is there for tawdry rutting, and somewhere between Canton, Ohio and here there has to be two or three localities where one could get away with such behavior without having the Maglites of Enforcement shining through the windows.

    Alas, should I propose buying this thing, my wife's response would involve asking just who I plan on taking on this road trip.

    Still, there's a part of me that thinks that somewhere a decade down the road high-school literature classes would be studyiing the memoir that arose from the week before my divorce...

    1. I will note that some* years ago my wife and I were exposed** to the Maglites of Enforcement, I'm not sure whether she regards that particular occurrence with amusement or terror.

      * - 'some' being a term of great breadth, I believe it was Clinton's first term.

      ** - 'exposed' being a term of comparable expanse, in this case it was somewhere between a loose belt buckle and what you'd observe in Baby Oil Cheerleaders #12.

    2. Don't know how I missed this comment thread, but it's a gem.

  3. mrkwong, the auction has ended, but never fear, this marvelous piece of automotive craftsmanship is still for sale on their website.... lol

    1. My loins appreciate the thought.

      Maybe when my wife suggests that I need a girlfriend I'll consider asking my wallet.


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