Friday, November 13, 2015

That'll Buff Out: 1968 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

Whoa, a sub $10k Jaguar E-Type...did that mail order time machine finally arrive?  Are we in 1982?  <checks smartphone calendar>...nope, says 2015...but then I'm not sure how you are supposed to tell the date from a calendar if you were to travel back in time..what is going on?  Oh...somebody dropped a forklift on the front will need to spend some time with your orbital buffer.  But first you'll need to buy this 1968 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 offered for $7,500 in Sheridan, WY via craigslist.  Tip from Zach Z.

The tempting thing to do on this car is a reverse upgrade -- aka the Punk My Ride.  This is where you leave the LS1 adapter kit at home and drop an entire C3 Corvette front clip on to the chassis...but keep the Jag inline-6 and steering gear/suspension. It is the ultimate in car-mullet -- a C3 Vette front mated to the E-type rear --  the Jagulette.  KBZ -- I need a Jagulette badge STAT!!   

Under Through where the hood used to be you can see the original (?) Jaguar inline-6 good for 265 horsepower and 260 ft-lbs of torque.  The big XK6 4.2 liter (256 cubic inch) DOHC engine is smooth and produces plenty of grunt from low rpm all the way to a 5500 rpm redline. 

This is a late Series 1 2+2 fitted with the optional automatic gearbox (a 4-speed manual was the only transmission for the roadster and 2-seat Fixed Hardtop Coupe), but some of the later cars are known as Series 1.5 as they have some of the upgrades from the Series 2 cars.  I am no E-type expert, but I'm sure that, even though someone Chernobyled the front end, there are many experts who can tell the difference.

See another classic that just needs a few tubs of boot polish and a new body to hit the road?


  1. 'atsa mess, alrighty.

    Guess someone will probably save it.

    The coupes and roadsters are pretty enough but the 2+2 was...uh...

    1. ...a mess. The biggest problem with these IMO is that your mind sees the shape and immediately sees the subtle but off-kilter deviations from the roofline of the drop dead gorgeous 2 seater. It just

  2. I leard to drive a manuals trans in a 1968 E-Type OTS! While some cars supposedly vary, Series 1.5 generally means non-covered headlights, no "wings" on the knock-offs, but the much more attractive Series 1 front and rear lamp assemblies. Also, rocker switches on black interior finishers instead of toggles on metal, but those might have phased in a bit earlier (along with the dual-Stromberg 4.2 that came in place of the triple-SU 3.8). A 2+2 automatic like this was a sub-$10K car in good condition not all that long ago and still shouldn't be worth all that much.

  3. The body damage is a piece of cake. Lick of paint here, a few pounds of bondo there. But the 2+2ness and the damnable Borg Warner automatic are perhaps more difficult to overcome, at least psychologically. If someone is crazy enough to fix this load, it would create the mother of all "before and after" photo displays. Lotsa luck with that.

  4. Good candidate for a lightweight-aero reproduction.



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