Saturday, November 14, 2015

Medium Tactical Vehicle For Family: 1996 LMTV M-1078 by Stewart & Stevenson

Instead of just heading to the local Kenworth dealer and picking out something in green, the US Govt spends years working with contractors to create a design specification to meet their trucking needs.  Subsequently, they pay a builder to make the vehicle (per the previously defined requirements) which might change over the years as congressmen get bribed contracts get renegotiated.  Find this 1996 LMTV M-1078 by Stewart & Stevenson here on eBay bidding for $2,850 with 4 days to go, located in Cabot, AR.

If interweb sources can be believed, Oshkosh currently owns the contract to produce the FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles), but back when this beast was built it was Stewart & Stevenson, a medium sized corporation out of Houston, TX.  The LMTV (Light Medium Tactical Vehicle) version is very similar to a Steyr 12M18 and is powered by a 7.2 liter CAT C7 turbo-diesel inline-6 and rated at 2.5 ton capacity.

The M-1078  variant is the standard cargo version which offers an open bed out back for maximum hauling.  For proper zombie apocalypse survival you probably want the M-1079 Van version, but the cargo version would work in a pinch.  This one even comes with a passenger seat pre-soaked with back sweat. 

See a cooler car to pickup the kids from school?


  1. Just an FYI: One of your readers designed the Steyr-based cab for Stewart & Stevenson. It's much more capable than a Unimog, but also much more basic. A few friends who have wavered between the two have chosen the Uni because for the FMTV to be a comfortable long-range cruiser (for example SF to Baja) the cab needs to be totally re-worked.

    1. I'd be curious to understand what you mean as more capable. The Unimog (I think) has portal axles which help on ground clearance and all of the ones I have seen have numerous options for gearing, which would also seem to be quite useful in negotiating rough, mucky, sandy conditions. This seems to have normal axles, though it is equipped with what sounds like a torque-monster of an engine.

  2. Central tire inflation for getting over that pesky curb at Home Depot.

    Or that pesky Prius at the preschool.

  3. Its not hard to see why so much money is wasted by the Dept of Defense and why so many Congresspeople are so hawkish and always screaming for an increase in the defense budget....

  4. These are capable, but not invincible. I got one stuck on an unimproved country road before in the spring. Mud over frozen ground. It took so long for them to get the HEMTT wrecker to the scene that the Sergeant Major got there first. I got my ass chewed pretty badly.

    1. and we don't get to se the pic of you, Sarge Major and the 4 X 4? Priceless pic and you don't share?

  5. Before making an offer on a vehicle be sure you are aware of the dealer's administration or "documentation" fees. Typically they run from $200-$500, sometimes however they can be as high as $900.automoves


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