Sunday, November 15, 2015

Maximum Sunday: 2002 Nissan Maxima SE 6-Spd

Maximum Sunday continues with this next Nissan Maxima, this time a fifth generation example offered at a decent price.  The fifth generation Maxima is a few horsepower down from the next generation, but it is a few tenths quicker to 60mph and might be a better car.  Find this 2002 Nissan Maxima SE 6-Spd offered for $3,500 in Lawrenceville, GA via craigslist.

I had initially found and settled on this one, a 2000 5-speed offered for $1,100 or best offer, but someone pulled the trigger and purchased it before Maximum Sunday rolled around. The 2002 version might cost a few more bucks, but it features the upgraded VQ35DE V6 mated to a 6-speed manual instead of the VQ30DE-K and 5-speed.

The VQ35DE is rated at 255 horsepower and 246 ft-lbs of torque -- which is more than enough to overwhelm the front tires and cause some intense torque steer -- but in a good/fun way.  The SE is available with an optional helical Torsen limited-slip-diff from the factory, no word if this car has it.

If the black SE 6-speed isn't something that catches your fancy, or is located on the wrong side of the country, you could instead pickup this white 2002 Maxima 6-speed with only 102k miles on the odo offered for $5999 in Ontario, CA.  It sits on upgraded "premium" wheels and TEIN coilovers, but looks pretty good.

See a better way to enjoy Maximum Sunday?


  1. Ah, the zenith to the 6th gen's nadir. These are my favorite, the last of the legitimate "4DSC" lineage before they got bloated and completely lost their path.

    The black SE is priced right, and should my S70 ever need replacing, a 5th gen Maxima would be near the top of the shortlist for replacements.

    Looks like the white car has Infiniti G35 wheels. Don't look too bad.

    1. Please assure me that this feature is going to continue with a Camry-licious Monday. My eyes are hurting (and no it is not from the bright light after too many beers on Saturday night).

  2. This car is SO much more appealing to me than the 2004, and mechanically almost identical, no?

  3. And the white one has those adorable blue dreamy.

    I wonder if they make replacement tail lenses for those fake Altezza jobs that were so popular in the early oughts...

    1. Both (all 3 if you count the one that got away ebay listing) of the featured cars had stock tail lights.

  4. Did these have the viscous LSD?

    1. According to wikipedia they use a Torsen LSD, which is a mechanical geared torque-sensing setup.

  5. I see you're posting finds that are all within easy driving distance of my house now. And that one is REALLY tempting!


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