Monday, November 16, 2015

Longer Roof: 1973 Plymouth Satellite Wagon

There is just something about the corporate grill used on Plymouth's early '70s mid-sized offerings like the Satellite and Roadrunner.  The license plate bumper cutout looks like a big mustache in the middle of a sad Tom Selleck face -- this should have been the Magnum PI car instead of that silly Ferrari.  A tall dude in short-shorts would appreciate the headroom...although he might have opted for cloth seats to avoid the third degree thigh burns you get from vinyl seats in Hawaii.  Find this 1973 Plymouth Satellite Wagon here on eBay bidding for $5,201 with a few hours to go.

Seating for nine passengers and a 318 V8, all bidding for just a bit over $5k...seems like a winner to me.  See a better deal on a classic?


  1. Wow, $5200 selling price seems to be a nice buy.

    DT guys, I seriously let life aimlessly amble by until your email arrives
    (well not actually, but your writing is great), but really, "longroof?"

    Must be an age thang, but what's wrong with not picking up and using a pretty lame affectation? You are superb at creating your own phrases. Sorry, but someone who cares had to confront the problem.

  2. Look's clean well bought as they say

  3. " looks like a big mustache in the middle of a sad Tom Selleck face"

    Oh gee thanks, That's worse than always imagining Diana Rigg getting out of every mid 60s Lotus I see. Not that there is anything wrong with Diana Rigg getting out of an Elan or Europa , but "sad Tom Selleck face" ew.

  4. My grandmother had a 1973 Satellite sedan in the same yellow. It stalled frequently because of the primitive emissions equipment. Buyer beware. Or just remove all of it.

  5. My grandfather had the same car and he used to travel a lot in it. Last year my dad also used this vintage car to make a special entry in his corporate event and everyone really loved his car.

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