Thursday, November 19, 2015

Foxerati Quattroporstang: 1982 Maserati Quattroporte

The Giorgetto Giugiaro designed Maserati Quattroporte was built on a chassis closely related to the Maserati Kyalami, which was derived from the De Tomaso Longchamp and the Tom Tjaarda designed De Tomaso Deauville.  It was powered by a few crazy complex Maser V8s which cost a fortune when the fail, so today's example seem very interesting.  Find this 1982 Maserati Quattroporte here on eBay bidding for $8,099 reserve-not-met located in Monterey, CA with 3 days to go.

The 4Porte was named for its 4-doors, an unusual trait for something from the guys at Maserati, but it sure sounds exotic.  Underneath it was fairly exotic with a quad cam V8 up front (fed via 4 weber carbs) and an IRS out back featuring inboard rear-brakes.

Pop the hood on this one and you will see a V8 that looks more at home in Ford Mustang -- it is a 5.0 V8 that is boosted with a supercharger and good for 450 horsepower (yikes!) according to the seller.  Mated to a 700r4 transmission the thing breaks the tires loose from a roll and chirps into 2nd and 3rd.

See a better car with a transplanted engine?


  1. Don't care for the underwood bling and de-badged rear. Or the granny maroon paint for that matter. Otherwise a very cool classic Italian sedan. I'd seriously consider one of these, even with the scary maintainance.

  2. This is actually less crummy than I imagined. The PEP Boys catalog under the hood aesthetic is not my cup of chianti, but as long as this guy has had the electrical system rewired because the originals caused most of the headaches, it would be a great cruiser. I appreciate the fact he de-badged it. Either it is for looks, or to avoid the now boring Fix It Again Tony jokes that evidently some dimmer bulbs don't realize only fits FIAT.

    I wouldn't own it, but wouldn't need a paper bag over my head if someone gave me a ride in it.

    Daily Turisimo question: Why are Citroens, especially the SM, and most any Peugeot & Renault found in multiples? Same is true with these jumbo Maseratis and their hellishly shitty Bi-Turbo smaller version cellmate?

    1. Hi Tom. Regarding multiples of "off" brands, I guess I would ask: How many people have adopted just one stray cat? Like cats, non-mainstream cars have a way of finding people who already have one.

      The only reason my garage does not house multiple Citroens is Mrs. Bobinott. In fact, it has happened over the years, but the resulting Cold Front motivates me to find suitable foster homes.

    2. Hi Bobinott,

      Yes, very nicely explained. Back when they not $$$$ in people's eyes, but just neat old cars, I had three 356's in various states of repair, but all very nice from 50'. Amazing what 15 years can do to change the "crazy junk collector" label to, "collector of expensive Porsches." Money does that I guess.

      Truth be told, if I could ever find some nice Peugeot 404 Estate Wagons, I'd gather as many as I could. Are you a DS guy?

      Peace, Tom

    3. 2CV for me, although a DS came very close to being the second adoption. Then Mrs. Bobinott "explained" that the DS was welcome, once the 2CV was gone. That would have been akin to taking Ol' Rover out behind the barn....

      Like you, I would adopt a 404 Sedan or Wagon if the right one came along. I just missed a nice clean 404 wagon in Pennsylvania for $4K a few years ago. I still think about it.

  3. I have to wonder whether these things are going to end up some kind of classic.

    They are, mechanically, a curiosity sort of way. DeDion rear suspension and all that.'ve got that '70s interior, which is basically shoeboxes wrapped in leather. In the end, you can have an X300 Jag XJR and a parts car or two and an engine rebuild budget for what it'd cost to bring one of these things to showroom standard, and the Jag will drive better.

    But...hey, this isn't a bad mechanical combo, but please explain to me why someone would adapt a GM 700R4 transmission to the Ford when a bolt-up 4R70W Henry slushbox is a better piece.

  4. Why would you de-badge a Maserati? Surely that name has bragging rights associated with it.

  5. It's only the red tubing and wiring under the hood that makes it hard to look at. If you spent an afternoon replacing the red with black, it would all look pretty purposeful.

    The interior is in pretty good shape. I love the way those seventies luxe interiors look. Less keen on how prominent those speakers are, but that could be improved.

    From here I can spot Alfa Romeo door mirrors and door handles. I can't place the tail-lights.

    It's all pretty cool if it goes for under $10k.


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