Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DT at the LA Auto Show

A few of the DT staff are going to be cruising the halls at the LA Auto Show on Wednesday (today), and instagramming pics via @DailyTurismo with the hashtag #LAAutoShow.  All kinds of new cars are being released (stuff like a crazy Honda motorcycle/car), but let us know what you want to see, we'll snap some pics.


  1. The Fiata and the CX-9 please.

  2. Booth babes if present are always welcome.

  3. Lincoln Continental and Buick LaCrosse since I have not caught one of these in the wild locally with an "M" plate.

    Cayman GT4 for lottery dreaming.

  4. if you don't have or want an instagram account, will work - enter @DailyTurismo into the "Search by user" field - click on the first photo for gallery view


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