Friday, November 13, 2015

Canada Born: 1982 Chrysler Imperial, Frank Sinatra Edition

In the early 1980s, Lee Iacocca and the Chrysler corp wanted to release a special edition of their Imperial luxury coupe.  They wanted a celebrity endorsement, but didn't pick Michael Jackson (who released Thriller, the worlds best selling album, in 1982), or Survivor (not a reality TV show, but the band that released the double platinum-certified 1982 hit "Eye of the Tiger,") because folks who were buying a new Imperial in 1982 remembered the great depression and listened to nothing but traditional pop music.  So, Iacocca called upon his friend, none other than ol' Blue Eyes himself, to put his name on the back of the Imperial (or 247 examples to be precise).  Find this 1982 Chrysler Imperial - Frank Sinatra Edition offered for $6,500 in Grass Valley, OR. Tip from Evan.

The 6th generation Chrysler Imperial comes from the era when the Imperial was its own brand; the Chrysler logo and name were nowhere to be seen on this thing.  It was, however, built in Windsor, Ontario on the front engine rear-drive J-platform that was shared with the Chrysler Cordoba and Dodge Mirada.  Power comes via a 318 cubic inch Chyrsler LA-series V8 that is fed via a throttle-body-injected EFI to produce 140 horsepower and 245 ft-lbs of torque.

See another oddball rare edition for cheap?


  1. $6,500 is a bit much to pay for an '82 Imperial IMHO, but if it comes with the original Frank Sinatra 8-tracks, I could be persuaded to take look. One of 247 might have meant it was a failure when new, but today that is the biggest selling point.

  2. There is one listed, 55K miles, in MA. On Hemmings for $7500,
    But $5000 on Classic car data base dot com...
    Interior looks well used but I bet it was sweet when new. I really like that color.... And for 5K I bet the interior could be reworked and it would be a sweet ride again...

  3. They only made 247 of these beauties and there seems to a few for sale…
    The last one looks pretty nice for $6500, the others look needy, but two under a thousand and one for fifteen hundred. Appears they all run so they would make great parts cars… If I only had the space.. hummmmm…

  4. The poster car for malaise era crap gone wild. Crystal penta star was a major selling point. Buy it as a gag - get a few beige, powder blue and light yellow leisure suits, white patent leather belt/shoe set, and drive down to Del Bocavista.

    They were junk when new, and need another 20 years before the truly misty eyed person lavishes ungodly sums like they do on eun-of-the mill 50's cars. Few people believe that the cars are great cars, but do make a sentimental statement.

    If one's motivation is purely sentimental, nice for them. If it because you believe it is a cool car? Great, you are already in Oregon. Stop at the local Green Cross and enjoy the ride.

  5. I got two .... One in NY leather for summer trips to Lake Ontario, and one in Orlando (plush) for zipping down to Old Town in Kissemmee on Friday night for their cruse. Anyone doubts the luxury, hit me up for a ride. THE QUIETEST most comfortable ride, even compared to BMW or Mercedes vehicles 35 years newer. Ok, I have traded out the tape players for cd units and some fresh Glacial Blue paint.


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