Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blu Bellezza: 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina

The Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina was a 105 series sedan that shared many of its mechanical parts with the gorgeous GTV coupe.  The Berlina (sedan) version has enjoyed surprising price appreciation in the past few years and nice examples demand decent money, so if you want a cheap one, expect it to be rough.  Like this 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina offered for $6,000 in Miami, FL via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

Of course the Berlina sheet metal was designed by none other than Giorgetto Giugiaro while he was working at Gruppo Bertone.  It is hard to tell from the few photos of this dilapidated example, but these are good looking cars when in good shape.

Under the hood is an all-alloy twin-cam 2.0 liter inline-4 that was rated at 130 horsepower when new.  This one is still equipped with the original SPICA fuel injection system as equipped for the US market when new, probably a good thing for future value as many have been converted to carburetors over the years by folks unlearned in the art of Italian fuel injection systems.

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  1. I guess one's definition of "rough" is at least partly geographical. To me, this appears to be a rust-free all-original car. Scratched, yes, but that's all I see. Up here in the Salt Belt, Alfas rarely survive into old age.

    So, do other folks see things that I am missing? If not for the crappy exchange rate against the CanuckBuck, I would be interested.

  2. The pictures aren't very good so you really can't tell. The shot of the door sill appears to show some rust on top so you know there is rust inside. How is the dash in south florida? I'm guessing quite a few cracks but it does look un molested.
    Never seen a 73 with rubber bumpers, 74 model year.


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