Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Belief in Lotus Suspended: 1988 Isuzu I-Mark RS Turbo

The Isuzu I Mark (I Mark, you Jane!) is part of the GM '80s compact car family, built by Isuzu but marked by GM, known as the Gemini.  The styling was started by noted Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiario noted for such designs as the DeTomaso Mangusta, Iso Griffo, 'the' Delorean, Ferrari 250GT, but changes demanded by the bottom line driven bean counters at GM caused such a tiff with the Italian master of design that he disavowed any relationship with the car.  Find this 1988 Isuzu I-Mark RS Turbo here on eBay bidding for $4,450 with less than one day to go, located in Temecula, CA. As seen on Oddimotive.

The 2nd generation Gemini looks cool in I-Mark spec, and this is one of the nicer I-Marks you will find around town -- if you can find another one.  If that paint is original and everything works as described, this could be a real score, even with the current bidding price approaching $5k.  I'd pay a few hundred bucks just for those SWEET wheels!

The I Mark is powered by a free-revving turbocharged 1.6 liter DOHC inline 4 - putting out 125 horsepower and 102 ft-lbs of torque.  The power is put to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission.  With only 2157 lbs to shove, the 7800 rpm 4-banger will make the car fun to toss around on top of the "designed by Lotus" suspension.

This I-Mark still has its factory Recaro sports seats, which look dirty but not damaged.  The rest of the interior looks in decent shape as well, with some signs of wear/tear but nothing you wouldn't expect on a car with 95k miles on the odometer.

 See another low buck 80s classic in good shape? Send it here:


  1. Wasn't Giugiario holding the pencil when the Hyundai Excel was conceived, as well? Comparing his economy designs to (most) of what followed through the 90s and 00s the differences are night and day. Not that the Excel was a good car, mind you; my HS girlfriend had one and the tinny rattles were enough to make you turn the tinny, rattling radio up as loud as it would play your Bon Jovi just to drown them out. As for this car, can someone tell me exactly what Lotus contributed to the "Handling" element of this? Patented design or component? Assemblies from one of their production cars? Strictly IP?

  2. Just drove the new 2016 Civic had just arrived @ the dealership where i had leased my 2013 Accord sport as i drove it heard a few rattles and hated the high center console nice tight steering more go kart then the accord. Had the 2.0 motor no turbo1.5 on the lot seemed slow to me dealership has changed ownership also first class A holes there now....

  3. "The I Mark is powered by a free-revving turbocharged 1.6 liter DOHC inline 4 - putting out 125 horsepower and 102 ft-lbs of torque. "

    Actually it's a 1.5 liter SOHC turbo with 110hp. You really missed the mark on that one. Har.

    1. Hey, where did my 15 horsies go?


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