Sunday, November 29, 2015

4-Speed 289: 1967 Mercury Cougar

The Mercury Cougar offered buyers a premium Mustang experience when new, but years later the Cougars offer the same Mustang chassis in a package that isn't quite as ubiqutous for less money.  What you do get is the same access to a huge collection of aftermarket repro parts, immense knowledge base (you won't be the first person to have the problem) and standard V8 plus available 4-speed.  Find this 1967 Mercury Cougar offered for $7,000 in San Francisco, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

Of course the first photo in the listing is a gas station pic, but at least this one was taken during the daytime.  Expect to spend a large portion of the time you spend with this car at the gas station adding gas because under the hood is a meaty V8.

The 289 isn't the most powerful engine to ever come out of a domestic factory, but they built enough of them so that you can buy all sorts of hop-up parts if you think the stock fuel economy is too good.  This engine "smokes" at high rpms which could be piston rings or valve stem seals -- budget for an entire engine rebuild.

It is strange to see a quick release steering wheel in a car that doesn't have a full roll cage - quick release wheels are used so the driver can enter/exit the car when there is a bunch of tubing surrounding him.  Perhaps this has a removable steering wheel for theft deterrence? I prefer to have cars that drive so horribly the thief gets it around the block and then feels sorry for you, returns it with some spare change in the center console. This one has a quick release wheel and an aftermarket gauge pack mounted front/center.

See another classic piece of American iron for cheap?


  1. Usually old cars with carburetors are difficult to steal because each car has its own required combination of throttle and key sequence to successfully start the engine without flooding it. eg Pump the gas twice then hold it halfway down or omg do not touch the gas just turn the key etc. Or if its raining just give up altogether lol This car looks like a total blast to fix up. Probably need you some new sprangs on the back Cletus as the shackles dont seem to be jackin the back end of the car up much. Has the battery been relocated to the trunk? I don't see it in the engine compartment photo. Looks like the car had a respray so it would behoove a prospective buyer to look closely for excessive bondo.... One of those cars that wherever you parked it old guys like me would dodder over and start telling you about their experience with Cougars in their youth (until your eyes glaze over... gotta go gramps lol)

  2. Gotta go Gramps.! be the name of a new DT feature......Tales from A Long Ago Yute.....Between the shackles and the rattle can paint job, a previous owner has been busy building his dream. On the other hand...cant beat the stick...but with a rebuild and all the ancillary needs I think you'd be buried in the car unless Cougars ( the 4 wheeled kind) are bringing 20 K

  3. So it has the Kevin Harvick second gear ? By the time you go thru the tranny and motor might be smarter to get one already done.This is a old car and there are plenty of other problems lurking to suck your wallet dry.

  4. This one may have been better but already gone another 4 speed ?

  5. A friend of mine has a Triumph Herald, with the swing axle rear, like the Spitfire. One day it was stolen. The crook got to the bottom of the hill, went around a corner too quick and spun the thing into the curb. Must have scared himself silly, because he abandoned it right there.


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