Friday, October 2, 2015

The Hilarious Crossover Of Car Models And Medical Codes

The automotive world is full of alphanumeric model names, internal codes, and manufacturers designations that mean something to causal car owners and car geeks alike. Similarly, in the medical field there is something called an ICD-10 code that accurately and concisely describes any medical problem from the basic headache (G44.1), the second time you are bitten by a squirrel (W53.21XD), and the second time you are burned by your water skis catching on fire (V91.07XD).  Today we explore the times when those medical codes cross over into car codes that makes the inner 8 year old inside you squirm with delight.

BMW E30 Generation 3-series: A classic sedan loved by BMW fan boys all over the world.
Medical code: E30.0 Delayed puberty

BMW E46 Generation 3-series: A late model BMW sedan sold from 2001-2006.
Medical code: E46 Unspecified protein-calorie malnutrition

Chevy S10 Pickup: A compact pickup sold from 1982-2005.
Medical code: S10.0XXA Contusion of throat, initial encounter

Ford F150 Pickup: A large pickup used for light commuting and driving kids to school.
Medical code: F15.150 Other stimulant abuse with stimulant-induced psychotic disorder with delusions

Ford F250 Pickup:  A larger pickup used for light commuting and driving kids to school.
Medical code: F25.0 Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type.

Dodge Viper 1st Generation: A V10 equipped monster from the non-traction controlled era.
Medical code: V10.0XXA Pedal cycle driver injured in collision with pedestrian or animal in nontraffic accident, initial encounter.

BMW X5: A large SUV used for light commuting and driving kids to school.
Medical code: X52.XXXA Prolonged stay in weightless environment, initial encounter.

BWM 5-series F10, generation: An expensive car currently in free fall depreciation.
Medical code:  F10.150 Alcohol abuse with alcohol-induced psychotic disorder with delusions.

Volvo C30: A compact front drive economy car sold from 2006-2013.
Medical code: C30.0 Malignant neoplasm of nasal cavity.

Volvo V70: A sedan, (and wagon) successor to the 850
Medical code:  V70.0XXA Driver of bus injured in collision with pedestrian or animal in nontraffic accident, initial encounter.

Volvo V90: Another Volvo Wagon.
Medical code: V90.00XD Drowning and submersion due to merchant ship overturning, subsequent encounter.

BMW 5-series GT F07 generation: The hideous hatchback Gran Turismo 5-series sold starting in 2009.
Medical code: F07.0 Personality change due to known physiological condition.

BMW 5-series E28 generation -- Classic 4-door from BMW
Medical code: E28.0 Estrogen excess.

Lookup your own car on the website here and let us know what you get in the comments.  Whatever you do, just be careful when near spacecraft (V95.40XA).


  1. S13: Early Nissan 240SX, usually found with suspension lowered to the ground and tires that rub on the fenders.
    S13.100A: Subluxation of unspecified cervical vertebrae, initial encounter, likely consequence of riding in S13 over potholes.

    E34: The BMW 5 series after the E28.
    E34.4: Constitutional tall stature

    D50: Dodge pickup built by Mitsubishi with anemic performance, most of which have rusted away.
    D50.9: Iron deficiency anemia, unspecified

  2. N48: The third-gen (1979-83) Toyota Hilux Long-bed N48 or RN48 for petrol powered and LN48 for diesel.
    N48.0: Leukoplakia of penis

    I win! :-)

  3. S38 (B35, B36, B38): BMW Motorsport masterpiece inline six, individual throttle bodies, twin cams / 24 valves, as used in the E28, E34 M5s, the E24 M6, derived from the M88 used in the mid-engined M1 supercar
    S38.001A: Crushing injury of unspecified external genital organs, male, initial encounter

  4. Also, I have a question re: V90.00XD Drowning and submersion due to merchant ship overturning, subsequent encounter.

    How can you drown once, and then drown again?

    1. The subsequent encounter indicates that the code is for a patient encounter of any kind, after the initial event; usually follow up appointment in office or clinic.

      As for the drowning diagnosis, you're absolutely correct: drowning means that the patient was at some point lifeless, while near drowning means that they survived. A drowning victim, however, could be resuscitated and survive as well; after CPR and rewarming measures, for instance. That victim could then later be seen by a physician or caregiver for a subsequent visit.

      Thank you for my "ICD-10 Sucks!" joke material for tomorrow, CFlo...apparently it has codes for reanimation.

  5. e28 (already accounted for)---estrogen excess
    W211 - Struck by baseball bat, initial encounter

  6. I was in my early thirties when I bough a modded e30 m3. I would commute to Van Nuys from woodland Hills everyday on side streets like Victory and Reseda. Daily I would get into street races with teens in their Eclipse, Integras, civics, you name it I killed it.
    I was a yuppie that couldn't resist a stoplight to stoplight race. Very immature and the car brought the worst out of me.
    Medical code: E30.0 Delayed puberty - Perfect

  7. K (e)70- early 80's rwd corrola, basically the 86hatchi's dad. Slow and awesome.
    K70.0- Alcoholic fatty liver

  8. Y'all kill me. The last two days have been an exercise in frustration suppression, affording ample opportunity to reflect on the joys of navigating our fractured healthcare delivery system. Can you believe that ICD-10 specifies over 17,000 fracture codes?

    Teasing over teething aside, this is a long overdue advancement for medicine here in the USA but it isn't particularly amusing these initial days. This post is a welcome respite.

  9. G55:
    Big Merc Russian/Asian Mob ride of choice

    G55: Nerve root and plexus compressions in diseases classified elsewhere

  10. Nicky Cage drove a BMW 5 series in "Leaving Las Vegas" a story about psychotic alcohol abuse


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