Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seller Submission: 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

Prices for original examples of the Beach Boys' little Deuce Coupe (I know, this one is a roadster...not a coupe) have risen out of the range of the common collector, and the custom kit car industry long ago stepped in to fill the gap.  This is a good thing because the few remaining '32 Fords that aren't powered by Chevy 350s should remain as such for the good of if you want a '32 Ford, you should get a 2015 model.  Like this 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster kit offered for $15,000 in Byron, TX via craigslist.  Seller submission from Bill.

Little deuce coupe, you don't know what I got...oh wait, I don't have fenders or a pretty much know everything..

The ubiquitous Small Block Chevy V8 is probably the most logical engine to put into a home built Ford kit car, because pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar they win just about every conceivable competition.  And it makes the die-hard Ford guys go nuts.

Are these things make in South or North Dakota?

On the inside you'll see the classic Dakota Digital instrument cluster that is used on many similar hot rods, a basic steering wheel and a shifter.  Not much else on the inside...but you don't drive this car if you are looking for something with cup holders and blueteeth.

Is that Jack Kevorkian's VW Bus in the background?

See a better example of a modern take on a classic?


  1. Poorly detailed, lousy paint job, top dollar. Sure. I'll take two.

    1. I'm sure the seller who submitted this car to DT appreciates your candor Mr. anon-y-mutts. Sheesh.

    2. Ouch. I missed the Seller Sub label. My apologies; no offense intended.

      A name to go with the assessment would be more integrity-y.

    3. Yeah, that wasn't directed at you doc. A real name + more than a snarky one liner would be the minimum bar. I have no problems with opinions on the car, but the original comment is sub optimal with respect to the seller being able to answer the criticism. Besides how do we know Anon isn't a dog?

  2. to DT re label for 3rd picture-you mean Kerouac, of course

  3. Just a few points to consider from the Seller: 1. The car is priced at the very low end of the spectrum for 32 Highboys a full set up rolling chassis with body costs more than my asking price from most kit makers. 2. Power plate holder and power trunk. 3. The paint is not perfect and will be used as a primer for the next owners paint job, however not perfect is OK for rods these days. 4. This is a fun car to drive and having fun is true format for the hot rod experience. 5. Not a serious car, but one to have a great time with, at not a great cost. Thanks, Bill from Bryan

  4. Does it wrap up like a douche?

    1. Like another rumor in the night?

    2. Translation of the reference above for the non Bruce Springsteen cogniscenti

      Springsteen wrote Blinded by the Light in which the chorus is

      Blinded by the light
      Revved up like a deuce
      Another runner in the night

      Manfred Mann covered the song and the lyrics got blurred into the above quote.

      Loosey Goosey Deucey associative thinking, I guess.
      Can we ge back to the car for sale?

  5. A bunch of Negative Nancy's on here today. Not perfect, but probably a lot of fun to cruise around in and plenty of opportunity to tinker and make it your own.


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