Thursday, October 1, 2015

Roughie: 1971 BMW 2002

The round tail light (roundie) BMW 1600/2000/2002 is a classic by any yardstick, so it isn't often that you see one that runs/drives offered for less than a stack of 10 Benjamins...but here we are.  Find this 1971 BMW 2002 offered for $900 in Bremerton, WA. Tip from Zach Z.

 The seller admits that the car is cosmetically rough (understatement of the century folks) on the outside with its rust issues on parts of the body, but goes on to say that  structurally it's very sound. Frame rails are perfect. Strut towers are perfect. Floor boards are perfect.The dash is almost perfect. Head liner is almost perfect. Glass is all in tact. Has roughly 120k.  Aside from the leprosy covering 99% of the exterior, this thing isn't bad.

The engine pics are not that clear, but the air cleaner housing looks like it was borrowed from a '60s Ford and everything is really dirty...but the seller says it starts and runs great.  The only issue is that the brakes are no good, so test drives should be interesting and brief.

See a better car for parking on the street just to annoy your neighbors?


  1. Might just need a new slave cylinder. In my 2002, the brakes and clutch slave cylinder worked off the same reservoir. So when one leaked, I lost both clutch and brakes.

    Made for some very interesting driving.

    I bought mine for $400...seller's kids had used it as a trampoline and a kicking target, so there was no un-bent piece of bodywork on that car. Ugly, but what a great car to drive...

  2. I love these posts, just because I know that more times than not they'll bring the Hack mechanic out of hiding.

    1. If by "hack mechanic" you're talkin' to me, FTB, I would never consider myself a car mechanic (hack or otherwise). Back when I owned the 2002 (in 1983), I wrenched a bit on my own wheels at times, but only when I I was too broke to take it to somebody who knew what they were doing...

      Working on those old cars, I learned a lot. Screwed up a lot. Had a heckuva lotta fun.

      What more could one ask? :-)

    2. "The Hack Mechanic" is an alias used by BMW guru and DT commenter / friend Rob Siegel. Just to clarify FTB's post.

  3. This little 2002 has so much potential. It would be a great car to wrench on and enjoy driving it.
    Just watched this over at Petrolicious

  4. Okay, you've pulled me in.

    BMW Dudes Sam Smith, Paul Wegweiser, Scott Aaron, and I have already been talking about how to a) buy this car, b) get it back to PA so Paul can work on it, then c) drive it to Monterrey next year. Hey, I've done stupider things. Just not recently.

    But the black Batmobile-like '02 looks even stupider. Maybe we'll just do that.

    1. I'm voting for the black it "Dark Side of the 02"

    2. Rob -- let me know if you need eyes on the black one, CFlo and I aren't too far away.


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