Saturday, October 24, 2015

RoadKill: 1961 Mercedes-Benz Unimog

This next feature comes from Jdah as a roadkill submission, and while it doesn't come with an asking price, it more than makes up for that deficiency with road presence. Short for "UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät", (Gerät = machine in German) the Unimog is the ultimate in 4WD survivor mobiles and will be in high demand after the zombie apocalypse next week. Find this 1961 Mercedes Unimog located somewhere in Massachusetts.

If you want to impress your hillbilly neighbors, forget getting a brodozer or a tractor, get a Unimog.  Not only will the Mercedes symbol up front bring instant class to the neighborhood, but you can climb over just about anything with one of these ex-military mountain goats.

Since this is a 1961 model, it is probably a 404 S, which was designed to be a cross-country truck for the West German Army needs.  More info from jdah:

61 Mercedes  unimog
Converted to 24volt non military electronic ignition system using pertronix with Bosch coil
Natural gas fuel system
Custom seats
4wd with portal axles and locking hubs
2" lift kit
12v Winch in front
5 New tires 
Bed sides and hoops included needs new canvas.
Cruises with a top speed of 47mph

All work done by professional mechanic owner (not me)

Looks like a winner.  Call the number in the picture above if you have any interest, but please be mindful of time zones and don't call the seller in Massachusetts if you are sitting down for dinner in Hawaii.  Apparently this has been a problem with previous roadkill cars.


  1. The typical Unimog you see for sale is set up to haul a squad of Bundeswehr to the Fulda Gap.

    This flatbed setup is a little unusual.

    1. My dad was always looking for a unimog. I am sure his service with the ADA in the Fulda Gap had something to do with it.

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