Saturday, October 17, 2015

Friend of Seller: 1978 Pontiac Grand LeMans

This next feature comes as a "friend of the seller" submission from Scot C, who writes: G body Grand LeMans- driveway find, [my driveway]. With harsher weather on the horizon he would like to see it in the hands of another ambitious owner. Runs and drives perfectly.~ A well kept '78 Pontiac, great driver/project for sale by my roommate/tenant/sometime mechanic/buddy of 30 years. Under four thousand, make reasonable offer. More pictures on request.  Find this 1978 Pontiac Grand LeMans offered for $3,999 near St Louis, MO via craigslist.

The 1978 Grand LeMans was part of the 5th generation (1978-1981) LeMans lineup based on GM's freshly downsized mid sized A-body.  This one is powered by a Chevrolet 305 cubic inch V8 (Poncho V8s were limited to a 265 and 301) mated to an automatic transmission.  

See another vinyl top equipped classic from the Malaise era?


  1. I worked my way through high school at a Pontiac dealer in Illinois in the late 70's, so these cars bring back some memories. That era was not a high point in Pontiac history (although the Trans Am seems to be appreciated). So this is where we see whether the malaise era cars are worth keeping. This one looks like it needs some interior work (cracked dash, ripped seats), and it has 118k miles. As basic transportation $4k seems high with that mileage on a 1970's GM car, but maybe it's been well maintained mechanically. The fact that it's in decent shape means that it could be kept and maintained with needed repairs and fixes, but at the end of that trail is a high mileage 1970's car with no real pedigree. I don't mean to offend the seller, but if you are going to spend $4k on an older high-mileage car that needs repairs, shouldn't you try to save something more significant? Are some cars just not worth saving?

  2. Corporate GM take that nova and put a Poncho frontend on it, i really don't mind these. what's not to like with the 305's that came with soft cams so time to swap it out before 25K oh yeah good old days.....

  3. I thought the Nova body died in '77 and the '78's were the new bodied Monte Carlos.


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