Friday, October 16, 2015

DT Search Keywords: A Top Ten

One of the fun parts about running a website (blog?) is that you get all kinds of insights into who, what, how, and why people visit your site.  The metrics are really fascinating and I could probably drone on about various stats like bounce rates and pages per session, but instead I want to share a few gems from the "search keywords"category.  The following is a top ten fun list of actual things people have searched for in google and then clicked on the link.

This is not a list of the top most popular searches to get clicks into DT, but simply a list of ten that I found interesting.  Enjoy!

10. best looking kit car 
Sure, this seems like a reasonable to search for, and we do feature a variety of kit cars.

9. pinzgauer 710 carburetor rebuild kit
This is a strange one, but you will find a Pinzgauer for sale on DT from time to time.

8. jack kevorkian van
I would claim total innocence on this one...but we did scoop everybody else when featured Dr Death's van back in 2012.

7. supercharged wagons
Guilty as charged.  Love 'em. Want to collect the whole set.

6. swap engine mercedes volvo 240
I dunno about swapping a engine from a Mercedes to a Volvo...or the other way around...but sure. Why not.

5. turbo witch's broom images 
 Oh yeah, people search for this all the time.

4. thunder chicken car
Who doesn't  love a huge Thunder Chicken on a hood?

3. slowest diesel engine
Now this is just a strange thing to actually search for....but you know what they say less is more, slow is cetera.  (Pssst, Vince, nobody actually says that.)

2. dung beetle vw
You are searching for a what now?

1. how do i put a 350 small block in a...
Now this is  the good stuff.  This is what DT is made of.

If you've just arrived at this post via a search, I'd love to know what it was.  And for long time readers, can you remember what brought you to this site for the first time?


  1. Someone mentioned it in the comments on BaT. I got curious, checked it out, and was hooked.

    1. Yep, that is how my DT addiction began too. I guess BaT is a "gateway drug".

    2. Yes and thank god for gateway drugs.

  2. I was wondering if anyone ever swapped a 4.9 caddy into a lumina. Found this site with said swap into a citation and have been hooked since.

  3. This is the dung beetle that was number 2 on the above list, its from the tv show Street Outlaws!about/cjg9

  4. This is the dung beetle that was number 2 on the above list, its from the tv show Street Outlaws!about/cjg9


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