Thursday, October 1, 2015

DT Radio Show, Now On iTunes & More!

by DT Radio Show Producer Ben -- In honor of today being national podcast day in the United States, we at DT Radio have taken the next step in making our great show easily accessible to the unwashed masses of gear heads. As of now we are available on iTunes in the podcast app as well as the DT web site and The only thing we ask in return for this top shelf entertainment is for you to subscribe to the show and leave us a rating and review.  This will make us more relevant when people search for car related podcasts. Every review will be read on the air, so please take a minute to tell us what you think!

This week's episode will mark three months since we have been entertaining you on a weekly basis. And we have only just begun! We have big plans for remote episodes at car shows, races, and even live streaming episodes with the ability to take calls and interact live with you, the listeners. But first things first.... Go subscribe to the show on iTunes and leave a rating and review!

Comments, questions, and feedback can be sent directly to me at

Thanks for listening!!! #DTRadio

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