Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beware of Gremlin: 1982 AMC Eagle SX/4 Liftback

 In 1979 AMC released a compact 4X4 oddball called the Eagle that was one part answer to the OPEC oil embargo and one part sheer insanity.  4X4s were supposed to be these big, short-wheelbase Jeepy things, or trucks, not a small station wagon shaped thing with optional wood siding!!  AMC had just inadvertently created the world's first crossover vehicle, a market segment that today dominates half the floor at most auto shows.  Find this 1982 AMC Eagle SX/4 offered for $4,000 in Western Massachusetts via craigslist. Tip from Jdah.

 For some strange reason a plurality of the Eagles I see driving around in the 21st century (and oddly enough I see quite a few of them in SoCal) are 4-door wagon variety based on the AMC Concord, so this 2-door SX/4 liftback version is really intriguing.  The SX/4 was based on the AMC Spirit, which was in turn a restyled Gremlin. 

This Eagle looks in shockingly good shape for a car of such vintage, and the seller says that it has a new engine, transmission, and carpet.  Seems like a winner for the asking price.

 See another oddball almost classic?


  1. The updated AMC Spirit replaced the Gremlin for the 1979 model year, basically "a Gremlin with conventional styling ... Lovable, sturdy cars are hard to kill."

    1. ...and...FWIW......Two future U.S. presidents drove AMC Gremlins during their younger days.
      "Bill Clinton drove the back roads of Northwest Arkansas in his green AMC Gremlin"[105] during his 1974 campaign for the only attempt he made for a seat in the United States Congress.[106]
      An AMC Gremlin with a Levi interior was owned by the George H. W. Bush family and driven by George W. Bush in 1973 while getting his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.[1

  2. This is one of those cars I wouldn't want to be seen near when it was new, but it is strangely attractive today. Interesting that it is for sale in Massachusetts but has New York plates and inspection. It would look so much better if the paint and trim on the doors were correct. It looks like it has been recently painted, so why retain the two tone paint and trim on the rest of the car but not the doors?

    BTW , you could fit just about any engine you want into one of these things.

  3. You left your light's on .......WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. If you need a soft-roader four grand will come remarkably close to getting you an early Benz ML55.

    Just sayin'.

    I could see taking something like this and swapping all the guts into an early Gremlin just for grins, but from a practicality standpoint...nah.

  5. It doesn't end there! How about an American-built 4WD Baur-style convertible!

  6. you mean like the one i have for sale (buyer has disappeared price lowered)


  7. Dont jeep 4.0's drop right into these?


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