Friday, September 11, 2015

You Can Be Batman: 1991 Ford Festiva

This next post is dedicated to the memory of Leonard "Route 29 Batman" Robinson who died in a freak accident last month, but not before he brought cheer to thousands of sick kids in his Lamborghini-- read more on the NYTimes here. The appeal of the Batman is that he is just an ordinary guy.  He isn't some radioactive superfreak or a traveling alien from another planet -- Bruce Wayne is just a citizen who sees injustice and dons a cape to fight it...well that isn't entirely true because Bruce is also a billionaire recluse...but if you want to start living the bat-life, you won't find a cheaper way to get there than this 1991 Ford Festiva offered for $1,000 near Gotham City Auburn Hills, MI via craigslist.

You'll need to be a bit of a joker to drive this thing, and the I AM BATMAN rattle canned on the side is the only over-the-top aspect of the build, if you ask me.  It is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox and will return fuel economy of 40mpg -- not bad for a car that costs about as much as a new iPhone6 S Plus.

Apparently the seller was featured in the lifestyle section of some local magazine, and you know what they say about any press being good press...but that is a load of crap; just ask Josh Duggar.

The little Kia-based hatchback is about the humblest Batmobile extant - but a Batman in training's gotta start somewhere.

See a better car for adding to your custom Batmobile collection?


  1. Technically, it's Mazda-based and built by Kia. :-)

  2. My daughter freeking loves Batman. But this might be more embarrassing than awesome in her eyes.


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