Monday, September 28, 2015

What In The Elio? 1995 Yamaha Trike

This next tip comes from Slowboy who calls it a Weird friggin trike thing and writes; Doesn't look complete, but uh... I dunno. The ad doesn't have a lot of info, and the pictures suck. Have a link.  Don't mind if I do.  Find this 1995 Yamaha Trike offered for $5,000 in Dayton, OH via craigslist.

The 3-wheeled trike is an interesting middle ground in the car versus motorcycle debate.  Trikelodytes claim that they offer the performance of a bike with the practicality of a car, but a part of me worries you'll end up with a vehicle that offers the safety of a motorcycle with performance still car like. Truth be told I've never driven a trike, so maybe the thrill of semi-open-air motoring with a screaming bike engine and squirrely rear would be fun.

See an odder vehicle for your commute?


  1. We built something like this for our senior project at UCSD. Electric power though. Man it was a heap of crap!

  2. Looking at it, it looks like somebody took a sandrail and grafted a motorcycle onto the back of it. It's probably faster than all but the hottest VW engine builds. The shifter is almost no doubt sequential. I see some potential here. I also see a lot of drugs, so there's that.


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