Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This Ain't Gonna Last: 1990 BMW M3 E30

This is either the cheapest E30 M3 for sale in the universe, or a really good scammer.  I hope it is the former, and if you buy this car, I expect a ride...or at least some pics.  Find this 1990 BMW M3 E30 offered for $500 in Glendale, CA.  Tip from Brian. 

Is it gone already?  See another el-cheapo M3? Send it here: tips@dailyturismo.com

Update: This is a scam.  If you contact the seller, please tell him to get a job and stop trying to scam people.


  1. No Frikin' way. I really can't believe it's a real ad.

  2. I'm so old I remember when this was a crack pipe price.

  3. I could be there in six hours and would do it if I were sure that (a) it's real and (b) there wouldn't be a line of locals in front of me.

    Looks like an '02 under the cover on one side and maybe an E31 on the other side, what kind of 'apartment building' is this?

  4. Holy smokes! Seriously thinking about driving down there with some cash.

    Let me guess, that's a 2002 Tii Turbo (see the front flare!) to the left and an 850csi to the right???

  5. It is a scam.
    I just did a google image search with the image and it is an ad from R3vlimited and Bimmerforums from 2009.

    1. It was $5,000 in 2009 (pre bubble)

    2. Yeah, seems logical. There are times when a little homework - and perhaps a concealed-carry permit - just make sense...

  6. Stupid scammers!! This is why we can't have crappy things.

  7. What I'm still curious about is what would you show up too if you contacted the guy to get the car? Death? Kidney Removal?

  8. Bill, I would guess the seller would ask you to send/wire the money to hold the car.
    Strange car and amount to scam with though.

  9. I emailed, no response. I have tried to get scammers on the phone or through email and they never respond. It's infuriating.

  10. I've never been involved with one of these, but from what I understand, the con is to get you to send them a deposit to hold it. If they can get $100-200, they'll keep it for you until you can get there.

    All communication is done via friendly emails. Story is often that it's owned by a soldier overseas who needs the dough.

    If they get, say, 20 hapless dudes and dudettes who do this, that's a few grand for not a lot of work.

  11. Either way, it looks like a real wallet emptier. Just like most old German cars.


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