Friday, September 11, 2015

The Only Car You'll Ever Need: 1959 Ford Country Squire 4x4

This next monster was submitted for our Loony Labor Day wacko-thon, but somehow didn't make that cut. That's OK - lifted four wheel drive fake wood sided '50s station wagons aren't for everyone. Find this 1959 Ford Country Squire 4x4 for sale in Troy, NY for $17,950 Buy It Now via ebay. Tip from Rene.

I know what you're thinking - "this is EXACTLY the solution to all my vehicular needs!" And you know what, you're right. The classic '59 Ford styling makes a great '57 Chevy alternative; it's a (fake) woodie so it looks equally at home at the beach or lumberyard, it has a V8 for cruising burbles, it's a wagon for hipster cred and max utility, and it's based on a truck/SUV frame with real 4WD for offroad rock crushing capability.

The only box this doesn't tick (besides the "has seatbelts" box) is sporty / nimble. But you could tow a puny Miata with this thing no problem. Better yet, build a custom roof rack with some ramps and just stack it on top.

The 1959 Ford (like yesterday's corporate cousin '59 Edsel Citation) isn't going to be at the top of anyone's classic car list, but they sold well when new and have all the right design cues for a big American cruiser - wraparound windshield, column shift (wait, this thing has both a column and floor shifter...mind = blown), tail fins, and big jet-age afterburner taillights. Part of me thinks this is a shame if the build was, as the seller implies, based on a 33k-mile survivor car under which a Bronco II frame was stuffed along with a "mid '80s 351 2bbl motor."

But another part of me says "shut up, this is awesome." A healthy 351 V8 ought to provide a good amount of scoot, and personally I'd look into some induction and exhaust upgrades. 300hp should be no problem. And maybe some less gaudy wheels. Should I put my Land Cruiser up for sale yet...?

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  1. My guess is the floor shifter regulates the transfer case. Love this wagon!

  2. No, you should put a cressida wagon on your landcruiser frame, obviously.

    1. I like the idea!

      BTW it's a 1994 FZJ80, great chassis and running gear, but with some rust in the body. Perhaps a more perfect candidate never existed.

    2. Sounds perfect. That have what my esteemed collegues and I refer to as "the really big 2j"?

  3. A stretched Bronco II frame?

    I'd be inclined to think this thing is a rollover just waiting for a corner.

    1. I'd have to agree.. when I was maybe 9 or 10 I was on the home stetch of my paper route one Saturday when I was nearly hit (probably less than a foot) by a lifted big tired 351 swapped big red bronco ll. It really was a sweet looking rig but man they where sketchy handling stock let alone built up.

    2. If I was buying this I'd keep some cash and do a solid front axel swap.

  4. If it wasnt so expensive I would be all over this........though first things first........get Donald Trumps hair off the dashboard


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